How did it save your life to be negative?

35 simple tips that will immediately change your life positively

These 35 tips can help you to feel freer, healthier and more vital and thus to live more positively. You can integrate them step by step into your everyday life and even if you do not always manage to adhere to all points, they can still become an important reference point in life.

Be honest

Do not lie. Be honest with yourself and with those around you. Don't fool yourself and don't be too cowardly to admit mistakes.

Be humble

Possessions and belongings often give you a false sense of security and self-worth. The feeling of “I have something, now I am something”. But they do not add lasting value to actual life itself.

Be moderate

Slow down and life will be more fun. Take your time in carrying out your activities. Make yourself comfortable.

Live in the moment

All of our worries and plans about the future exist only in our heads. They often distract us from the life that is going on right now.

Be haphazard

Sometimes try to be completely without guidelines and goals. It suddenly becomes much easier to accept the unforeseen things.

Get or stay debt free

Getting into debt is shit and costs us a lot more energy and strength than we can ever get back in quality of life.

Be authentic

Be yourself. Listen to your heart and go your way. Try to escape the mania for self-expression with simple techniques.

Go on a journey

Travel and live in other countries. New cultures and different languages ​​and impressions of foreign countries open your horizons, minimize your prejudices and change you forever.

Be satisfied with little

To avoid grief and worry, part with things that you no longer need. Or from people.

Be a role model

I find it difficult to motivate or persuade people to do something, but I can easily inspire them with my actions.

Be unique

Don't always go along with the crowd. Make up something yourself, do your own thing.

Be free in thought

Do not think too much about what could have been and try not to let your thoughts control you. Switch off your head for a few minutes every now and then and try to feel your breath.

Make mistakes

Screwing something up or doing something wrong is still a great way to learn. Even if it often hurts when you make mistakes, this experience in particular is important for us in order to more easily put away or avoid further mistakes in the future.

Be curious

It is better to try something and fail at it than not to try something at all. At least then you know how it doesn't work. (This is only partially true for skydiving)

Eat healthy

Vegetarian food is also wonderful for a change. It doesn't have to be animal food on the plate every day.

Be simple

There are few things like nature, a hug, a kiss, or a loyal good friend. All of these are free.

Be fit

But fitness doesn't come overnight. Just like a beer belly, it doesn't come overnight either. Anyone can get fitter, and once you're fit it's pretty easy to stay fit.

Be careful

Just keep the goal in mind and you'll miss out on a lot of the wonderful things that happen along the way. Being careful helps you become more mindful.


Movement liberates. Exercise strengthens and keeps you healthy. Not just the body, the mind too. Be in nature as often as possible.

Be expectant

Just give a fuck about your expectations. And if you can't, just adapt it to reality.

Be selfless

Giving is better than taking and when you give don't expect anything in return.

Be social

It's better to do things together, that is, in “cooperation” than against each other in “competition”. Everything seems to be a competition these days. Everyone wants to be the best. But the fact is, people get along much better with “cooperative” people.

Be thankful

Gratitude makes you very satisfied. Talk to old or wise people as often as possible, very often you can learn to be more grateful.

Eat consciously

It doesn't matter if someone eats meat, but at least one should be aware that intelligent animals very likely had to suffer extremely throughout their lives. Learn to listen to your body.

Don't be addicted

Less alcohol and no cigarettes will help you age without pain. The body adapts extremely quickly to a new, healthier way of life.

Be relaxed

Don't always get excited. Most of the time, when we are stressed or excited, it is little things that will be viewed as completely unimportant or even completely forgotten in a few days or even hours. Learn to stay relaxed.

Be playful

Play, run, dance, or move around in any way.

Be desireless

Learn to live and get along with little and you will be less “disappointed”. Learn that disappointment is a good thing. It is the end of the deception.

Be stubborn

Don't believe everything. Form your own opinion. Although often negatively accepted in the German language, being stubborn is not a bad thing.


Too often we judge people without actually knowing anything about them. I believe that everything other people do has a good reason or purpose for them. Observe the events or actions, including those of you, from a neutral position.

Be spontaneous

Have time for the unexpected. If you need a busy schedule, unless you have short-term memory, you are almost certain to have too much to do.

Be childish

We adults could try to be children again more often instead of imposing an adult life on our children.

Be brave

One can control fear and doubt well and even eliminate it to a certain extent by realizing that they are based on assumptions or on what has already been experienced. Assumptions that almost never come true and experiences that are almost never repeated in the same form.

Be open to new things

If I have learned something for sure on all my travels, it is that although I always thought I knew a lot, I know almost nothing and that I am often wrong with my assumptions. I look forward to every day when I am taught better and can go to bed a little smarter.

Enjoy life

Our life is extremely short. Even if we get really old, it is only a long moment that we spend here on earth. One may often think there is still so much time ahead of us, but this thought can also hold us back from life. One of my favorite Abraham Lincoln quotes is “And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. " So don't count the years in your life but the life in your years. Life as we know it can be over in a second. It is best to enjoy every moment and calculate the time not in minutes and days, but in impressions and feelings.

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