Which food goes best with tea

Which tea goes well with which food?

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All types of tea come from the leaves of the same plant - but not all tea is created equal. There is an almost infinite choice of different variations. But how do these varieties differ? Which teas are best for whom. And when and on which occasions does which tea taste best? Natalia Panne, founder of the tea mail order company www.tea-exclusive.de, knows the answers and introduces five popular types of tea.

Black tea
Black tea is one of the most popular and versatile types of tea. If you like coffee and generally prefer intense flavors, black teas with their characteristic malty and strong aromas are also suitable, explains Natalia Panne from tea-exclusive.de. If you are looking for a suitable accompaniment to spicy meat dishes, you should also try a black tea. But the combination with black tea can also conjure up completely new flavors for dessert.

White tea
White tea is tasty for everyone who likes fine, delicate and unadulterated aromas. It is also very easy to prepare and is therefore also suitable for hectic times at work or in everyday life. "A good white tea can brew for a long time, but it still doesn't get bitter and tastes great even when cold," explains Natalia Panne from tea-exclusive.de. These properties make it well suited for people who want to drink more fluids throughout the day, but cannot really make friends with water. White tea also goes very well with mild dishes, poultry, freshwater fish and light desserts with almonds or coconut.

Green tea
Green teas are very versatile, because in addition to mild varieties there are also very intense teas. Depending on the type of preparation, there are many other taste nuances in the prepared infusion. Lovers of Asian cuisine and fish dishes are sure to find more than just a favorite variety in the area of ​​green teas. Green tea always goes well with vegetables, fish, seafood and rice. An insider tip for both green tea beginners and professionals is the Monkey King green tea with its mild taste and long-lasting floral aromas.

Natalia Panne recommends Japanese Matcha tea for those who do not shy away from a strong green tea taste with tart notes, work a lot, want to stay up late and keep up with the trend. The green tea, ground to a fine powder, has a high caffeine content, but the effect of matcha differs significantly from that of coffee. "Matcha has a slow, long-lasting effect and does not turn the organism on, as you sometimes feel with a strong espresso," explains Panne.

Of all teas, oolong has perhaps the greatest wealth of taste nuances and aromas. The taste can be described as delicate with many floral nuances. “Dark oolong teas in particular have a wide range of flavors, ranging from spicy and fruity to ripe fruit and subtle sweetness, depending on the variety,” explains Panne. Oolong tea is particularly popular with people who like fine, floral aromas such as lilac or orchid. Due to its variety, there is usually a suitable variety for every taste. In combination with food, however, a sure instinct is required: Light oolongs with flowery or fruity aromas do not go well with heavy, strongly spiced dishes. However, suitable combinations can be found with light pork dishes, scallops, scampi and prawns.
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