What are the biggest fashion trends for 2018

According to the fashion platform "Lyst", which publishes its "Year in Fashion" report every year, pants trains were one of the five biggest fashion trends set and followed by celebrities this year. Online searches for the chic ensembles apparently rose by almost 90 percent.

Hollywood actress Blake Lively (31, "Gossip Girl") came out as one of the biggest celebrity fans in the course of the year. During the promotional tour for her new film "Just a Little Favor", she appeared in a new pants suit almost every day. On one day in September, she even wore five different versions.

More than just a fashion trend

Lady Gaga's (32, "A Star Is Born") oversized suit by Marc Jacobs also went viral at Elle's annual Women in Hollywood gala. In an emotional speech during the event, she revealed what was behind the outfit:

"After trying on ten or more dresses with the sad feeling in my heart that what counts was what I would wear on the red carpet, I saw this oversized Marc Jacobs suit that was quietly buried in the farthest corner. It was an oversized man's suit made for a woman. No dress. I started crying. In this suit I felt who I really am, deep down inside. And I realized what I was going to say tonight. "

In her speech, Lady Gaga drew attention to the problem of sexual abuse and revealed that she had been assaulted at the beginning of her career. "As a survivor of sexual assault by someone in the entertainment industry, as a woman who is still not brave enough to say her name, as a woman who lives in chronic pain, as a woman who has been conditioned at a very young age, men listening to what she had to do, I decided today that I wanted to take back my power. Today I have my pants on! "

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