How can someone prove his friendship

Truthful Friendship: 7 Behaviors That Prove You're a Good Friend

True friendship survives the trials of time and distance. If this feeling is mutual, then you can be sure that it will be permanent. And the best thing is: she will be strong and unshakable!

It does not matter whether many or only a few people are by our side. If there are really good friends, then their number is enough. They may not belong to the same blood group as us, much less have the same family name, but for us they will - and we for you - Feel the same affection and respect that we have for our brothers (other friends we have in life). It is they who are always close to us when we need them, regardless of the situation.

Also because true friendship can be put to the test ...

In good ...

... like in bad times!

That's the way it is! A good friend can ...


And here we are not just talking about material things. A true friend is always present in those moments that are important to our lives, no matter how small and simple.

Tell us what you think when we need it

Yes, friendship is also based on the well-known "look, it's not quite like that ..." that we sometimes hear. A good friend will not take long to tell us his or her opinion if he notices that we are not taking care of our health or, for example, are doing other things wrong.

Forgive us if we missed it

A friend tries to understand our mistake - even if it is a difficult one - and to forgive us. But only if we really try not to do it again, right?

Support our decisions

If it is our luck that is at stake, then one can be sure: someone who is a true friend to us will also support our decisions. Because ultimately our happiness is also his.

Respect us for who we are

You can have one opinion and he can have another. You can stick to a soccer team and he can be an opponent. Your favorite color may be blue, and its green. None of this matters if the friendship is just a real one. O/

And is all of this also true for you? = D

Nobody stands alone

Now that we have talked about true friendship, it is important that we always remember that we have a friend for all hours that we can always rely on: Jesus, the Ecumenical Christ. He supports and helps us in all moments of our existence. We just have to pray to Him for His help.

Cheers to true friendship! \O/