How to make smoky eyeshadow

The products for
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Sensitive Eye Shadow Base

In my tutorial, I'll show you how to blend eyeshadow and create soft transitions in just a few steps. With these tips every eye makeup is guaranteed to succeed!

The individual steps:

  • 1st step: Base

    First I take my Sensitive Eye Shadow Base and apply it with the Eye Shadow Brush large over the entire lid to the eyebrow and also a little on the lower lash line. This guarantees that the eyeshadow applied later will last all day!

  • 2nd step: basic color

    Next I start with my Eye Colors base color, which I apply again with the large eyeshadow brush over the entire movable lid up to the crease. Here I have chosen a dark purple that makes every eye color shine! I make sure that the coverage is even and also apply a bit of color along the lower lash line.

  • 3rd step: highlight

    Then I take a very light Mat Eye Shadow, which I apply with my Eye Shadow Brush small under the eyebrow and also in the inner corner of the eye to highlight these areas nicely!

  • 4th step: veneer

    Then I pick up another, darker mat eye shadow that goes perfectly with my base color. I carefully apply this eyeshadow to the crease of the eyelid with the Soft Blending Brush and start to work it in with back and forth movements. With large windshield wiping movements, the eyeshadow is evenly distributed and everything is blended a bit.

  • 5th step: repeat

    In the next step, I take my light Mat Eye Shadow and the small eyeshadow brush again and make sure that everything above the crease really blends into one another. I can then repeat this and the previous step until I like the result and no hard edges can be seen.

  • Step 6: intensify

    Then I take up my darker eye shadow with the same small brush and intensify the look by applying the product to the outer corner of the eye and along the lash line. If I want, I can also emphasize my crease a little more here.

  • Step 7: eyeliner

    Last but not least, I take my favorite automatic eyeliner and apply it along the upper and lower lash line and also a little on the waterline. So everything is made a little more dramatic. I then blend the eyeliner with the little sponge that comes with the eyeliner.

  • Bottom line

    After applying a good coat of my favorite mascara, my look is complete! The whole thing is really very uncomplicated and you can achieve a really great smokey eye with just a few eyeshadows! I like the result very much and there are really no limits in terms of creativity and color combinations!

I'm Luisa, 23, and I love capturing moments with the camera. I regularly report on the topics of beauty, lifestyle and photography on my blog and YouTube channel. I share impressions there that I collect in everyday life and while traveling, and I also enjoy testing new products with passion.

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