What is air travel time

Off into the sun: the most beautiful travel destinations with a short flight time

Is the next summer vacation with the family or a city trip with friends coming up?

And one thing is already certain: Shouldn't it be too far away?

Then we have a few tips for you here.

We'll introduce you to the most beautiful travel destinations with short flight times, i.e. up to a maximum of four hours of flight time from Germany.

So nothing stands in the way of a short trip without a long journey.

Since you all come from different corners of Germany, we have compared three departure airports for each destination:

  • Berlin (TXL and SXF)
  • Frankfurt am Main (FRA)
  • Munich (MUC)

But be careful:

In many cases, the flight duration only applies to the summer season, as holiday airlines in particular only go to certain destinations in summer.

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Goal 1: Corfu

The Greek island of Corfu is located exactly opposite the southern tip of Italy and can be easily reached by plane thanks to its own airport.

And with just under 2.5 hours, it is definitely one of the travel destinations with a short flight time.

A multifaceted holiday is guaranteed here:

From beautiful beaches to high mountains to fascinating places, everything is there.

Immediately after your arrival you can take a sightseeing tour in Corfu town.

The old town fascinates from the beginning with a very special flair.

The old fortress offers a great view of the city after a short walk.

In the Casa Parlante, on the other hand, you get an insight into the life of an aristocratic family from the 19th century.

The most important thing about a relaxing summer vacation is of course a beautiful beach.

And Corfu has quite a few of them.

All over the coast you can find everything from pebble beaches to sandy beaches.

Some of them are more visited, others less.

After a relaxing day at the beach, the nearest place invites you on a tour of discovery.

Above all, immerse yourself in the culinary world of Corfu.

By the way:

There are over 6000 islands in Greece -We'll show you the most beautiful Greek islands

Berlin: 2 h 25 min
Frankfurt am Main: 2 h 20 min
Munich: 2 h 05 min

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Goal 2: Genoa

And Genoa is also one of the most beautiful travel destinations with a short flight time.

The city is located in northwest Italy, directly on the Ligurian Sea.

In the Middle Ages it was one of the most important cities in the country due to its excellent location and, along with Venice, Pisa and Amalfi, was one of the four maritime republics.

When visiting Genoa, you can expect an exciting mix of historical sights and relaxing holidays by the sea.

But first of all:

You won't find miles of gleaming white sandy beaches here.

Instead, not far from the center there is a village with a bay, small restaurants and an incredible amount of charm.

There is also a sand and pebble beach in the Sturla district.

There you can enjoy the warm rays of the sun wonderfully.

If you are traveling with the whole family, you should also visit the aquarium.

The second largest aquarium in Europe attracts over a million visitors every year.

You can see, for example, sharks, dolphins, penguins, rays and piranhas.

Berlin: 3 h 10 min
Frankfurt am Main: 2 h 55 min
Munich: 1 h 15 min

Also interesting:

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Goal 3: Marseille

Located directly on the Côte d’Azur, the French city of Marseille offers one perfect mix of city break and beach vacation.

After landing in Marseille, it's time to enjoy the sun.

One of the many beaches in the south of the city is particularly suitable for this.

The best known here is the Plague you Prado.

Either you sunbathe here with a cool drink or you get active right away - everything from sailing to kayaking is included.

Afterwards - or the next day - you should plan some time for a city tour.

The focus is on the two buildings Notre-Dame de la Garde and the Cathedral of Marseille.

What do both have in common?

They look absolutely mesmerizing on the outside as well as on the inside.

Two million people visit Notre Dame de la Garde alone every year.

From the top you also have a wonderful view of the entire city.

A visit to the Vieux Port, the old port of the city, is also essential.

Here you will find a collection of cafés, you can stroll along the promenade or just enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Berlin: 2 h 25 min
Frankfurt am Main: 1 h 30 min
Munich: 1 h 35 min