Do you hate your sister

10 things you only know when you have a sister

As children, you pounded each other out, made up again and shared (almost) everything. Today it's not much different. She's your best friend, your closest confidante, the person you argue with the loudest. Of course it annoys at times, but anyone who has a sister knows that life without her would be completely unthinkable. The top ten things that immediately seem familiar after growing up with this special relative ...

1. No matter what happens, she must be the first to know. It used to be the grade of the math exam, the first kiss, the first fag. Today it's the knee surgery, the exhausting children or the argument with the husband. If what is up, we will dial your number first.

2. "But don't say mom and dad". This sentence still applies when we are 56 and 59. There are things that parents don't need to know because that would only worry them. Point.

3. She honestly tells us the worst truths in our faces. That's why we may be offended for a moment, but then we see that she is right after all. At least, most of the time. In any case, we think about it in detail.

4. We share everything with her. Really everything, except maybe the toothbrush. And the men, of course.

5. We are not embarrassed together. Laugh so loud that everyone looks. Like two madmen jumping around on the dance floor next to the beat, with bad breakdance interludes and without any shame. Make yourself a real eyrie. Have the most fun with her. We have practiced together all our lives.

6. She remains the small / big one forever and ever. She's still buying XS t-shirts for you because you'll stay seven forever for her? Of course, after all, you're the younger one. And you think she'd be bigger and more mature and beautiful just because she's 18 months older. It used to be like that. We never get out of the roles. Even if they are both grandmas.

7. Together we are doubly happy, sad - and unbalanced. Two women. Two unfiltered emotions. To ask?

8. Their enemies are yours too. Regardless of whether the teen boyfriend broke up without warning or seriously asked the mother from daycare whether you might have gained weight: You are angry when it comes to your sister. Your blood is their blood too. If someone is mean to her, he is mean to you too. That was already the case in the schoolyard.

9. You can always call them or come over! It's 5 a.m. and you're in the hospital with one of the kids? Your husband and you had such an argument that you have to call her at 11.30pm even though she is on the morning shift tomorrow? This works out. Always and anytime. If necessary for no reason. She's your sister after all.

10. She makes the very best gifts. The woman has simply known us since birth, so she knows exactly what we want. Better than any man could ever be.