Three subjects are sufficient for the Abitur

10 tips to make your Abitur preparation perfect

Tip 5: Collect documents to prepare for the Abitur

If you have followed the first three tips: Perfect! Now you know which topics you have to work on and at what point in your Abitur preparation.

Now we come to sorting your sub-files for high school preparation. Ideally, we only need your overview table from the 1st tip. You have already entered all the topics here and we can search for useful sources for your documents.

Take mathematics, for example. In your summary table you noticed that you have even bigger problems with math. So we want to close your knowledge gaps. What do we need for this?

Have your study materials ready so that you can find them quickly. If you have gaps in your knowledge, you should also refer to several sources. On the Internet you can find thousands of pages on either Google or YouTube that explain the topics to you again, such as this page.


Tip 6: plan learning breaks

During your high school graduation preparation, your brain is constantly working. That takes a lot of energy! So that you are always at the highest energy level, you have to give your head enough breaks to study. Otherwise, your motivation to learn can slowly but surely wane.

As with sport, the following applies: The body becomes stronger mainly in the resting phases. However, your brain does not make muscles, but neural connections that help you to consolidate the knowledge you have learned.

So that you can keep your learning breaks safely, you should note them in your weekly and daily learning plan and mark them with a color.


Tip 7: Better learning through healthy eating

A healthy diet serves as a good basis on which you can build your high school preparation. Sure, you quickly reach for snacks such as chocolate bars or fast food while learning, but you are not feeding your body the right substances for learning. To get your body in the right learning mood, you need to provide it with vitamins, minerals, and good energy.

With the following list of foods you can start your high school preparation full of energy:


Drink plenty of water

If your brain is the engine, water is your gasoline. You generally already drink two to three liters of water a day. If you haven't done this before, now is the time! Drinking this amount of water ensures that your brain is getting enough oxygen. This is because water supports the transport of oxygen in your blood.

Just get into the habit of taking a deep sip from the water glass after each completed task. Over time you get used to drinking a lot and you don't have to actively remind yourself to pick up your glass again.


The right amount of sugar

Yes, you read correctly: you should eat sugar! But if you've been looking forward to a chocolate escalation, I'll have to disappoint you. The point here is that you consume the right amount so that your brain can be supplied with the energy it needs to get you through your Abitur preparation and not sink into sugar. Because the same applies here: too much sugar is not good for you. If you had too much sugar, your brain would become sluggish and learning would be over.

So consume long-chain carbohydrates. You can find these preferably in whole grain products, potatoes, oatmeal, nuts and vegetables.


Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins

Yes, vitamins also play a major role in your Abitur preparation. They protect your brain from cell damage. Above all, vitamin B is a particularly important vitamin for you during the learning phase. Here are a few foods with enough B vitamins for you:

  • Potatoes
  • flesh
  • whole grain products
  • fish
  • nuts
  • Eggs
  • milk


Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids promote the transmission of nerve information. With their help, we can learn faster and more efficiently and better remember what we have learned.


Tip 8: Did you not understand the topic? Help is near!

It will happen: you just won't know what to do. Everyone knows this situation, in which you simply cannot move forward in learning a topic - but don't panic. If you adhere to the following points, you will quickly get your blockage released.


1. Identify the problem

Narrow down the topic by not knowing what to do next. Nobody will help you if you just tell them: "I can't do integral calculus". Now you have to put some energy into specifying the problem. Ideally, you have a sample assignment ready in which your problem occurs.


2. Get help

You are not alone in your Abitur preparation. Many of your fellow graduates will be in the same situation that you are currently in. Overcome your pride and just ask them for help! In return, you may be able to help them with a task they can't get solved.

If your friends don't know what to do next: ask your teacher. Yes, read it very carefully! Your teacher is always someone you can ask for help during your high school graduation preparation.

Search the internet for your problem. You should preferably search through various forums or study groups on Facebook, such as this one.


3. Intensive courses for the Abitur preparation

Would you like to have more than just a single problem solved and simply go through all the topics again with a coach for the Abitur? Then take a look at these intensive courses for high school graduation.


4. Form a study group

The exchange with fellow sufferers makes your time during your Abitur preparation easier. You no longer have to fight your problems alone, but can tackle them together with your friends. This not only promotes motivation, but also indirectly forces you to really learn (if you have been messing around with your mobile phone instead of learning.)

Side effect: If you can explain a topic to someone else, you have definitive proof that you really understand the topic.