Really addicting Ritalin

Is Ritalin Addicting?

Is Ritalin Addicting?

PTA forum / The preparation Ritalin® got into the discussion. The American scientists around Dr. Yong Kim of Rockefeller University in New York gave healthy mice either the Ritalin ingredient methylphenidate or cocaine daily for 14 days. Your observation: Ritalin or cocaine caused changes in the reward center of the brain, in some cases very similar ones. In the brain region of the nucleus accumbens, which is stimulated by all addictive drugs, a greater number of neurons formed. "These changes in neural structure are known to be linked to the development of substance abuse," says Kim.

Doctors prescribe Ritalin to children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). However, the researchers warn against stopping treating children and adolescents with ADHD with Ritalin. Studies have shown that the amounts of the drug prescribed by doctors did not lead to addiction. On the contrary: Untreated ADHD children would take drugs more often later in life, and Ritalin could reduce this risk.

Abusing the drug as a stimulant is problematic, the researchers conclude from their animal experiments. This warning is warranted because a study found that more than seven million people in the United States are taking methylphenidate without a prescription to stimulate themselves or improve their mental performance.

Source: New Scientist