God gets lonely



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Let us assume for once, this unbelievably wide and ordered universe, with its laws, its galaxies, solar systems and planets, which are innumerable for us, our planet, the countless kinds of life on it, the perfect and reliable interlocking of everything we humans can attest to, suppose all of this did not come about by chance, with no plan or reason. What if there was a cause for the world as it exists and for the principles of experience, existence and consciousness?

If there is a cause for all that we perceive inside and outside of our body, we could name that cause, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Self, God, whatever. That something would be omnipotent, absolute, not dependent on anything but independent of everything because nothing exists outside of it.

Many ask, why should an almighty, eternal, absolute something create a limited world with limited beings and limited objects? Why would such a thing express itself in this immeasurable but ephemeral variety and beauty? Isn't the creation of every being also a mirror of its Creator? If this something is unlimited, it also has all the qualities that manifest itself in the world, such as pleasure addiction, longevity, creativity.

This morning I thought that if God is the only thing that actually exists - regardless of space and time - that I firmly believe in, then he / she / it must be pretty bored.

Imagine you are omnipotent and alone, nothing exists but you, what are you doing? Maybe you play a game, call it existence, create shapes, colors, beings, evolution and experience this game through countless lives and sensory organs of countless people, animals, plants on our small planet alone. And you let yourself, perhaps in your countless forms, for example as a human being, forget who you really are, perhaps out of pure long time. You may plant a longing, a striving, an urge for eternity and immortality in each of your creations, you maybe give them an intellect to explore this urge and to find the cause for it in the understanding that each of your creations is at the core (like) You are, eternal and unlimited. When you are absolute you cannot add anything to yourself, nothing takes place outside of you. Nothing makes you more or less, better or worse, there is nothing to compare yourself to, because there is only you. You are absolute, all-encompassing, all-inclusive.

God must be pretty lonely. Perhaps that's one answer to the question of why the game of life exists. Perhaps it is also God's longing for impermanence. He plays impermanence. Perhaps God also takes pleasure in simply slipping into different roles, that's how it is for us as his little mirrors. And since he's quite powerful, maybe he DOES that at the same time through everything that exists in the world.

Whatever the reasons why life, the world and us humans exist, the power would actually be with us. We would be the power. When we think of God, we would think of ourselves, the self, our father, our mother from whom we came. We are inseparable from God. Nothing we think, say or do would take place outside of God, what defines us as human beings would be God, we are out of him and in him, and we would be pretty lonely if we assume that life is like us thanks to our consciousness , can testify to our breath of life, did not arise by chance. But we are free to believe whatever we want, we are unlimited.

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