Why is the elk not Canada's national animal?

Biggest statue - Canada declares the Elk War on Norway

"Canada has declared the elk war on Norway," writes the Norwegian daily Dagbladet. It's about 30 centimeters and about the quasi sacred animal that occurs in both realms. Norway's national animal against Canada's largest moose to date.

Until recently, the tallest moose statue was in Canada for 28 years. "Mac the Moose" is the name of the animal that stands in Moose Jaw and of which Canadians are proud. Very proud. “Our national pride is at stake,” Mayor Fraser Tolmie told Canadian television station “CTV News”. You couldn't lose it because of a moose.

30 centimeters higher

Until a few days ago, the world in Moose Jaw in southern Canada between Calgary and Winnipeg was still fine. Until someone there noticed that there was a taller moose statue in Stor-Elvdal, Norway, near Lillehammer. 30 centimeters higher to be precise.

At ten meters and 30 centimeters, the Storelgen in Stor-Elvdal in Norway is the world's largest moose statue - so far. Source: Ljusetitunneln / Pixabay

The “Storelg” (big elk) made of silver is more than ten meters high and a tourist attraction, it even has its own website. But well, the Canadians in Moose Jaw didn't notice it for three years, because that's how long “Storelg” has been standing in its place, on a rest area in front of a forest.

Hockey stick, hat or platform to raise

Moose Jaws Mayor Tolmie doesn't want to let that sit on him. He started a survey in his city about how to do it to have the biggest one again. The ideas are creative, they range from a plateau that can be placed under the statue, to a high hat that you can put on the animal or a hockey stick that you can give the brown-colored elk by the hand. Most popular is to enlarge the animal's antlers - after all, antlers also grow in nature with age.

Tolmie made the elk business a top priority: “Mac is like family to me, to all of us in Moose Jaw. It's a personal thing, ”he tells CTV News. That is why a fundraising campaign has already started. The slogan: "Make Mac the Moose The World’s Largest Moose again" - based on Trump's campaign slogan "Make America Great Again".

Declaration of war from Canada, ready to fight in Norway

Mac has also had its own Twitter and Facebook page to draw attention to its existence and to start the fight against Norway.

"We do not have the plan to give up this title," says Stor-Elvdals Mayor Terje Hoffstad eager to fight in the direction of Canada. He is preparing for an attack from Canada with great plans. He has already asked the designer of the Norwegian version, Linda Bakke, what it would cost to erect a 20-meter-tall moose. But that is currently out of the running - even in rich Norway, the budget is too tight for it.

Exchange of blows on social media

There's a little serious aspect to all this joke: money. “Before we had the moose statue, nobody knew about Stor-Elvdal,” says Hoffstad. Those who can advertise the largest moose attract tourists.

The Norwegians and Canadians are currently exchanging blows on social media. On the donation platform, the Canadian military declares that they want to fight the tyrants from Norway for Mac at any time. Numerous people are now posting pictures of their pilgrimages to the statues on Twitter - the two parishes are delighted.

By Miriam Keilbach / RND