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Controversial singer Xavier Naidoo : He just doesn't see it

This time he might have gone too far. The provocation is so drastic that it is difficult to put it into perspective and repair the damage to the company's image one more time. It is quite possible that this song gives the character of an exceptional singer that uniqueness that was previously lacking.

It is called “marionettes”. Xavier Naidoo, 45, hit machine, has recorded it with his band Söhne Mannheims, it reaps horror. Not because of the melody or the beat, but because of the sentences that are sung. There is talk of "representatives of the people" who are "people-in-the-face-kickers". Who would be controlled as puppets by dark forces. And against which one must act, also with violence: "If I get my hands on someone like that, I will tear it to shreds." If necessary, the politicians will be brought to their understanding with a "fork".

Wasn't Xavier Naidoo the one who praised love and humanity with a powerful voice and who has already performed on Sesame Street? Or was he only partially? Naidoo, the multi-faced?

His friends will have a hard time defending him again

He is one of the great German pop stars. Had seven number one solo albums, huge success with the show "The Voice of Germany". Won dozens of echoes, golden cameras and tuning forks. At the same time, he was repeatedly noticed by scandals. Here he was accused of homophobia, there right thought. Sometimes it was conspiracy theories, then violent fantasies. Two years ago the public pressure on him became so strong that the NDR announced that the singer should not represent Germany at the Eurovision song contest after all. Which in turn moved artist friends to an impressive solidarity campaign. Celebrities like Til Schweiger and Jan Josef Liefers took Naidoo under protection. You will have a hard time defending him again now.

The outcry over Naidoo's current hate lines is enormous. The clearest criticism so far has been formulated by Jan Böhmermann. In a parody he portrays Naidoo as an enemy of Jews and a citizen of the Reich. In fact, the images and terms that appear in Naidoo's “Marionettes” resemble the argumentation patterns of the so-called Reich Citizens' Movement. These are conspiracy theorists who claim that the Federal Republic is not a state, but a company. The German Empire still exists today. The protection of the constitution has been warning against the citizens of the Reich for years. In their speeches, they often fanatical about “puppets” and dark forces who strive for a “new world order” and let corrupt governments work for them. A number of Reich citizens claim that these powers are Jewish families. For example the Rothschilds. Xavier Naidoo seems to know this theory, in an earlier song he sang: "Baron Totschild sets the tone."

Criticism of closeness to citizens of the Reich and homophobic texts

Mere coincidence or dangerous proximity? One thing is certain: the son of South African-Indian-German parents, who was born in Mannheim in 1971 and was raised Catholic, has long believed in supposed truths. When he spoke to Reich citizens on the lawn in front of the Berlin Reichstag in 2014, he called the attacks of September 11, 2001 a turning point. Those who believe the official version have "a veil over their eyes".

Xavier Naidoo already announced violence in a song. In 2012 he sang “I'll cut your arms and legs off” and “I'll crush your balls”. Critics rated it as gay hatred, because Naidoo added in the same verse: "Why don't you love a cunt because every person is made of one?" But there was nothing to be said about the allegations, the singer said at the time. He didn't rage anything against homosexuals, but against secret ritual murders of children in the song.

So now “marionettes”. The song can be found on the Söhne Mannheims' current studio album, which is currently at number six in the charts. Title: "MannHeim". Not only does the “puppet” song contain explosives. Under the title "Der Deutsche Michel" the men around Naidoo sing about the "news that has been forwarded" and then ask: "Who sends the news and into whose lap? / The lap that cradles you is mossy". The lying press poetry ends with the realization "that you are lying on the altar and being sacrificed".

For many people, trivializing the Holocaust went too far

The victim is the German Michel, referred to as Tor in the refrain. This echoes the right topos of the once great people who are now in the clutches of a dark power. It is being manipulated and lulled, while the lap mosses, which can be read as an allusion to "Germany is getting rid of itself".

The lead voice on the 16 pieces of "MannHeim" is usually performed by Xavier Naidoo. And so he has the last word with the ballad “No more war”, which caused a sensation a year and a half ago when the journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer published it on his Facebook page. Conceived by him as the soundtrack of a posting in which he speaks out against German military involvement in Syria, the piece has been criticized many times.

In particular, the line “Muslims wear the new Star of David, all terrorists, we no longer like them” went too far for many. Because this trivialization of the Holocaust is grotesque not only because Muslims are not systematically persecuted in Germany, but also because hundreds of thousands of refugees of Muslim faith have been accepted in Germany.

Social commitment in Mannheim will be continued

The fact that Naidoo is now releasing the song unchanged on the album of the Sons of Mannheim shows him to be unreasonable. Just like after the appearance in front of the citizens of the Reich, he turns the screw a little further. So it's understandable that the mayor of the city should listen to the work of its most prominent pop citizens more closely and find something to complain about. Peter Kurz - owed to Naidoo and the sons of Mannheim for their social commitment in the city - displeased the "anti-state statements" of the text.

In a statement from his office it says: "It goes without saying that we are not happy about this development. We will discuss the consequences for us." In the next few days, a meeting with Kurz will take place at the invitation of the band . After all, according to band member Rolf Stahlhofen, “Marionetten” is “not a call to violence”, but rather a “call for dialogue”.

They still have something to do together, such as setting up a media center in Mannheim. The city is also counting on the band's continued support for the Aufwind association, which looks after 25 children at risk of poverty, gives them tutoring, teaches German, how to swim and drums, offers lunch and holiday trips. The sons of Mannheim initiated the association and continue to support it to this day. “I get everything I need,” says the club boss.

Can someone like that want evil?

Naidoo, someone you can and may like. That is a feeling that comes up regularly at concerts, in Berlin, for example, almost six months ago. Naidoo stopped at the Ostbahnhof on his unplugged tour. He was received with jubilation, he was not the man that the citizens of the Reich celebrate, but who he always is on the show stage: not a political detonator, but a missionary of faith and love.

His fans don't mind that the songs have always been fed up with pathos and that some of them were just noble kitsch. Given that the texts always contained cryptic, apocalyptic messages in addition to the Christian ones. Can one who sings so wondrously sweetly and deeply about love and peace want evil? During a visit to the ARD morning magazine in 2011, he surprised the moderators. "We are not free," he said. “We are still an occupied country.” That is not just any old, but the idea of ​​a citizen of the Reich.

Officially, Xavier Naidoo does not want to be associated with the Reich Citizens Movement. One thing is clear: They celebrate him for his texts, just like the right-wing populist “Compact-Magazin”. There he is considered the "last celebrity in Germany who still has balls in his pants". Could it all be coincidences? Is Xavier Naidoo misunderstood in the end and is actually quite harmless? How improbable this is is shown by the verse in the controversial “Marionette” song in which he sings about the “Pizzagate” that is also on his bill. Pizzagate, that's the story that made the rounds in the last US election campaign: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are said to be involved in child pornography in the basement of a pizzeria in Washington.

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