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As a member of our engineering team, you are just that: part of the team. Teamwork is also very important in the work of engineers. That is one of the reasons why this job brings so much joy and satisfaction.

Our tasks for engineers are diverse: See which profile suits you best: As an engineer in the field or as a technical consultant, you work on large construction sites with customers on site. However, you can also develop innovative product solutions or develop new software with which you can make our customers' work easier and safer.

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Engineers in the field

• You work as a consultant on the construction site and are in constant contact with planners, architects, structural engineers and company managers.

• You are part of the planning process right from the start and intensify our customer relationships by showing the high level of utility our products have in a special project - from the anchoring and fastening systems to the tools and the associated software.

• You are always at your side as a specialist in the implementation of the construction project and explain the construction and product teams (contractual partners, marketing and sales) the structural characteristics of the project.

• As the link between construction planning and sales, you have one of the most important tasks at Hilti - you are the interface between planning and reality. They know what to consider when designing, know the building regulations and recognize possible problems in advance.

• There are no operating instructions for this job, because every large construction project has its own peculiarities. You can understand the building structure in detail and have fun finding optimal solutions to unexpected problems.

• You ideally have experience in civil engineering, structural engineering or mechanical engineering and knowledge of architecture. Above all, however, your willingness to learn and your ability to clearly pass on technical terminology to other people are in demand.

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Engineers Research and Development (R&D)

• Research and Development (R&D) is the driving force behind our company and our trademark. This shows why we are always more innovative than our competitors and why we invest 6% of our sales every year in developing new solutions for diamond drills, measuring devices, fire protection solutions, dowel systems and much more.

• As an engineer in the field of research and development, you will have to deal with the latest technology and will be given a lot of personal responsibility from the start.

• We believe that anyone can come up with good ideas. You will therefore be part of a mixed team of R&D engineers, made up of graduates and experienced professionals with both general knowledge and experience in specific niche areas.

• If you have ideas that are ahead of their time, we will have them patented so that we can calmly develop them into innovations for the future.

• You will be part of the entire creation process and always have tangible results in mind. So you see every day what is being produced here and how, giving you an insight into the world's construction plan.

• You are close at hand in every development phase and see how every product goes through all departments: production, commissioning, delivery, project management, marketing and sales.

• You work directly with our customers and our production facilities all over the world and thus combine the theoretical and practical use of our products.

• We operate internationally leading research and development locations: Schaan (Principality of Liechtenstein), Kaufering (Germany), Shanghai (China) and Irving (Texas, USA). These are all equipped with the latest technology in order to optimally simulate applications and carry out tests.

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Software engineers

• As a software engineer, you will develop and program with us those software solutions that make us so special.

• You will also support our customers in using this software in a simple and comprehensible manner. They track down system errors, hold training courses and write user manuals.

• However, you need more than just technical understanding: The main thing is to convert subject-specific programming language into user-friendly vocabulary.

• You always have a direct line to our customers as well as to our product and marketing teams. In this way you can adapt the software language specifically to your needs.

• You will work on numerous exciting projects, e. B. develop solutions for load calculation, stress tolerance and dimensioning of reinforcement systems.

• You will also be responsible for the development of our test software, which we use in our research and development centers, and sometimes you will also work with external research institutes and universities.

• You will get to know products in different versions - from project to project, from update to update - and ensure that every new feature is recognized and used effectively.

• You ideally have a degree in software engineering, computer engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics or statistics. Above all, it depends on your willingness to learn and your ability to explain computer terminology to people who otherwise tend to deal with sketch pads and drills.

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