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As a summer companion, over-the-counter homeopathic remedies are ideal. The mini packs even fit in the beach bag. But how much heat can they take? And what do you have to include because it is good for sun-stressed skin? We have collected questions from our FOR YOU readers' mail. You will definitely not find the answers in any package insert. We are on vacation in Turkey.

How much heat can my homeopathic globules tolerate?

Homeopathic remedies are quite robust, though. To be on the safe side, however, you should not store them warmer than 30 degrees in order not to risk any loss of effectiveness. Even more important on vacation trips: the agents are sensitive to X-rays. The security check at the airport can also influence your subtle vibrations. Therefore, when traveling by air, wrap the packs twice with strong aluminum foil to protect them.

Can squid make pigment spots disappear?

Freckles can look cute. But not everyone likes them. Just like the brownish pigment spots, for example on arms and hands, you can fight them with homeopathic sepia, the squid remedy (five globules twice a day). It strengthens the skin, which is particularly thin at the spots. "Another tip is Calcium fluoratum, five globules three times a day," advises homeopathy expert Dr. Markus Wiesenauer from Kernen. “As a side effect, this remedy strengthens the connective tissue.” The two remedies can also be combined. However, it can take several weeks for the stains to fade.

Bee venom is said to help against insect bites - is that right?

Apis, which is made on the basis of bee venom, is a good example of how homeopathy works: it really helps against redness and swelling after insect bites. Why? In homeopathy, "similar things are healed with similar things", as the founder Samuel Hahnemann put it. The ideal remedy for the sting would therefore produce symptoms in a healthy person similar to the skin reactions from which the stabbed person suffers. Due to the extremely strong “dilution” during production, the “bee” in globules or drops is no longer dangerous. Instead, it helps the body fight the insecticide. "If the stab site itches or burns, it is advisable to supplement the therapy with homeopathic Ledum," says Dr. Markus Wiesenauer. “It is best to take five globules or drops of both remedies every 15 minutes until the area no longer causes discomfort. Then continue to treat with five units three times a day until the skin reaction disappears. "

My friend drinks sage tea to prevent sweating. Does this also work with homeopathy?

In fact, the homeopathic remedy from the sage plant (Salvia officinalis) also has a calming effect on the sweat glands. And similar to tea, it is worth taking the remedy regularly from six weeks before the hot spell (five tablets three times a day). If it gets really hot outside, you can increase the dose to one tablet every two hours. By the way, there is another remedy especially for women during the menopause who suffer from real sweat attacks due to the hormonal change. Experts recommend Jaborandi, which is made from a South American diamond plant (five globules or drops four times a day). In summer it is best used in addition to the sage. Tip: Avoid peppermint tea and sweets during Jaborandi therapy. The essential oils of the mint can impair the effect.

Should I avoid spicy foods when I take globules?

"When taking homeopathic remedies, you don't have to do without any spices in your food," says Dr. Markus Wiesenauer. "Just make sure you take them according to homeopathic rules - namely no later than 15 minutes before a meal." In the quarter of an hour before eating, the remedies can be absorbed by the body through the oral mucosa undisturbed and unfold.

Can I safely buy homeopathy abroad?

"The products offered in pharmacies in other European countries meet our quality standards," explains the expert. “Important to know: The name can be different there. If, for example, your German remedy indicates the potency D6 and you want to buy it when you are traveling, you can also take it in the potency C7 or C9. ”However, if you go further afield, for example to Southeast Asia, Africa and South America, the homeopathic medicine cabinet should go with you in the luggage. If you can find homeopathic remedies there at all, you cannot be sure that they are manufactured there strictly according to our pharmacopoeia rules.

Is homeopathic medicine compatible with caipirinha?

There is no hangover killer in homeopathy either. But a remedy that helps the body detoxify. Nux vomica, which many know as a therapy against nausea, is the insider tip of experts when it comes to drinking alcohol and lavish meals. Even if you only drink one cocktail, you will feel better if you have taken five globules or drops of the homeopathic remedy three times a day before and afterwards.

Is there anything homeopathic about fat legs?

Apis can also help against water retention in swollen legs. Together with sabdariffa from the African mallow, it decongests the veins. If your legs are fat, you should take five globules or drops every two hours. For prevention, experts recommend five globules of Sabdariffa spread over the day. To do this, you should put your legs up as often as possible.

What helps against sunburn?

Belladonna, the black deadly nightshade, was already known to the Egyptians as a medicine. But they too have used them very carefully, because the fruits can trigger hallucinations in large quantities. In a homeopathic preparation, Belladonna helps the body to cope with the inflammation in the case of sunburn and has a calming effect on stressed skin. Experts recommend starting therapy at the first sign of redness. The dose: five tablets or drops three times a day.

Can Homeopathy Cure Mallorca Acne?

Globule fans know sodium chloratum as a headache therapy on sunny days. It is also suitable against Mallorca acne. This skin inflammation is an allergic reaction to UV rays: the skin is sensitive to the interaction between the sun and the oil in the sebum glands. "Oil-free sun protection with a high sun protection factor is the best prevention," advises Dr. Markus Wiesenauer. “If you still get pimple-like pimples, you can use sodium chloratum to accelerate healing. Five globules each morning and evening until the skin is smooth again. "

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