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Trump critic Liz Cheney kicked out of faction leadership

She is one of the harshest critics of ex-President Donald Trump and one of the most prominent faces of the Republicans. Now the faction has banned Cheney from the leadership. In the dispute over the Republicans, Trump critic Liz Cheney is under pressure ... more

Donald Trump remains blocked from Facebook

The Facebook account of the ex-US President Donald Trump remains blocked. That was decided on Wednesday by an independent supervisory body of the network. Donald Trump's Facebook account remains blocked. That reported ... more

Video Commentary: Biden has learned from Obama's mistakes

Joe Biden was initially ridiculed and ridiculed. But as US President he has now surprised many. t-online correspondent Fabian Reinbold shows in the video where Biden noticeably scores compared to Trump. Traditionally, US presidents have to ... more

Speech to the US Congress: Joe Biden's Risky Bet

Joe Biden wants the big redistribution. When he first appeared before the congress, he drummed for very expensive, very left-wing plans - and made the world a nice vaccination promise. It wasn't a loud appearance that Joe Biden made his first speech to Congress ... more

NATO summit: date and participants have been set

Heads of state and government want to discuss "NATO 2030" at a summit. For the first time, US President Biden will attend. Trump even wanted to leave the alliance during his tenure. The heads of state and government of the 30 NATO countries will ... more

Autopsy shows: Capitol Policeman died of natural causes

Five people died when the Washington Capitol was stormed. One of them was the young policeman Brian Sicknick. However, his death is not directly related to the riots, US media are now reporting. The one after the storming of the US Capitol ... more

Former US Vice President Walter Mondale is dead

In the battle for the US executive chair, he suffered a defeat against Ronald Reagan. As Vice President, however, he became an icon of the Liberals. Walter Mondale has now died at the age of 93. The former Vice President of the USA, Walter F. "Fritz" Mondale ... more

US Capitol: Will Congress become a high-security wing?

After the fatal incident at the US Capitol, politicians are considering tightening protective measures around Congress again. But there are also words of caution. After the death of a police officer in an attack at the headquarters of the US Congress in Washington ... more

USA: Four right-wing Capitol rioters charged

At the beginning of January they stormed the US Capitol, now they have to go to court: four important members of the right-wing extremist "Proud Boys" are indicted on several counts. Two and a half months after the American Capitol was stormed by supporters of the then US President Donald ... more

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North Korea: Kim Jong Un's sister threatens the USA and South Korea

North Korea has so far not responded to the diplomatic efforts of the Biden government. Now there is a first public statement from the sister of the ruler - a warning to the USA and South Korea. The influential sister of the North Korean ... more

US election: Supreme Court dismisses Donald Trump's last lawsuit

Donald Trump filed dozens of lawsuits after losing his presidential election in December, some of them in the US highest court. It is now clear: not a single one is successful. More than six weeks after former US President Donald Trump left ... more

Chaos in the US Senate - Democrats invite surprise witness

Twist in Trump impeachment: The Democrats call a Republican as a surprise witness. But then there is no hearing. In the meantime there is a mess. In the impeachment trial against former US President Donald Trump because of ... more

Liz Cheney: Party should no longer stand behind Trump

Republican Liz Cheney has voted for impeachment proceedings against Trump and has turned some party colleagues against her. Now it expresses itself again more clearly. The prominent Republican from the US House of Representatives, Liz Cheney ... more

Germany reports record defense spending

For years, the US has criticized Germany for spending too little money on the Bundeswehr. The federal government is now reporting a record amount for 2021. It still remains below the NATO target. Germany has once again made defense expenditures for NATO ... more

Donald Trump resigns from the US actors union

Donald Trump wrote a letter to the American Actors Union. In it, he praised his own film and television appearances, raised allegations against the organization - and announced his departure. Donald Trump is from the American ... more

"Mark Twain" actor Hal Holbrook (? 95) is dead

Mourning for Hal Holbrook: The actor, who was best known for portraying the US writer Mark Twain, is dead. He was 95 years old. Hal Holbrook has died. As the "New York Times" reports, the award-winning US actor is already ... more

USA: Joe Biden's work and Donald Trump's contribution

What a relief! Nothing in the White House under Joe Biden is like his predecessor. But Donald Trump is back. Can everything really get back to normal? A week is coming to an end in Washington like I have never seen it ... more

USA: President Joe Biden winds up Donald Trump's legacy

On his first day as US President, Joe Biden does not hesitate: with a record number of initiatives, he is winding up Donald Trump's legacy. An important advisor announces new plans with Europe at t-online. What Joe Biden did in the first few hours ... more