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Mag. Ulrike Rieseder al Dubai

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Psychotherapy is efficient, scientifically researched and verifiable. Just as you seek expert help with legal or tax problems, psychotherapy provides helpful support with
mental problems.

Psychotherapy means taking care of yourself, for your own good and for the good of good relationships. Personal suffering and the will to change determine the first step. One of the greatest rewards life can offer awaits: being yourself and whole at the same time!

With the safe and trusting therapeutic relationship, different methods help with perception, awareness and redesign: the opening and self-reflective dialogue, behavioral interventions, brain spotting, gestalt work, focused mindfulness, hypnotherapy, strategies to overcome fear, visualization
Dream analysis, etc.

My work as a therapist is based on a university-scientific education in the field of psychology and communication science, my apprenticeship as a psychotherapist in Austria with subsequent many years of experience in the therapeutic setting, experience in the psychosocial area, permanent training and supervision and my own life with challenges, obstacles and Opportunities.

Integrative gestalt therapy, behavior therapy, hypnotherapy, brain spotting

Recognized teaching therapist at the IGW and Würzburg

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