What is a night safari

Night safari

The novel starts off slowly, you first get to know the facades of the two main actors: Markus (who allegedly has never been to South Africa) and Silke (who really has never been there). Because of a business matter Markus has to go to South Africa and Silke is supposed to accompany him there as his fiancée. On site, Silke realizes that Markus is changing. At the airport in Johannesburg her forehead is sweaty and she notices how little she knows about him and his past. She also notices that his way of pronouncing her name corresponds to that of the South African. Since the weather is putting a damper on Markus's travel plans, they make a detour to a national park. And that's where the adventure novel begins in the truest sense of the word. Up to the first third you get to know most of the protagonists little by little, more extensively than it seems necessary. But from the second third onwards the novel condenses and you notice: the author thought something about it. From then on it gets so exciting that I didn't want to put the book aside anymore. The small information text on the book cover is insufficient and sometimes incorrectly worded. The fire only starts at the end of the title. The whole story is important from the moment you arrive in South Africa. Stefanie Gehrkes also provides background information about the time immediately after apartheid, about the life of the Zulus and Boer landowners who feel (d) at home there and want to continue to cultivate their land. Markus is the son of a Boer judge who had an extremely bad reputation as a "hangman". Some Zulus have long sought revenge and Markus' presence is quickly noticed. Since he tries to hide his and above all his father's past from everyone, he gets into a massive conflict with himself. He in turn does not remain hidden from other travel companions and tourists due to his clear changes in behavior. This adventure novel is complex, extremely exciting and easy to read. The ending is not for the faint of heart.