How and why do love birds die

Inseparable: love birds in the profile

Inseparable parrots are dwarf parrots who are only happy in pairs. They also delight with their beautiful plumage. Learn more about the love birds.

Agapornids are real lovebirds

A genus of African dwarf parrots is referred to as lovebirds (agapornids). The small birds are about 13 to 18 centimeters long and can be recognized by their white circles under the eyes. They live to be up to 15 years old. The nine known species so far have very colorful plumage that differs from species to species. The birds are known for their distinctive pair behavior. Once two birds have found each other, they will spend their entire lives together.

But that's not all, their interactions with one another are characterized by loving care behavior - cuddling included. That gave them the name lovebirds in English, in German love birds. In terms of attitude, it is therefore important that lovebirds are not kept alone. Under other circumstances, the little birds are not as harmonious as the love birds appear at first glance. In the company of other bird species such as budgies, they become rough and attack with their powerful beak.

Inseparable: The attitude of the love birds

With all their love, the agapornids each need their own sleeping place. The cage for the animals should be at least one meter high, 1.2 meters wide and 60 centimeters deep. But the more space the love birds have, the better. Wooden cages are only partially suitable for lovebirds, as the animals like to gnaw on wood. The acquisition of an aviary for the sociable birds makes sense in any case.

The food for the lovebirds should be composed of oats, millet, shiny seeds and sunflower seeds, as with budgies. In addition, lovebirds need a daily free flight. The birds particularly like bathing in shallow bowls. Peach heads, soot heads and black heads are particularly suitable for keeping. The birds can reach an age of ten to twelve years.