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"We use print and online in our daily work"

Michaela Jung, Senior Consultant and Authorized Signatory at Syncon International Franchise Consultants, has been developing know-how documentation for 20 years. In an interview, she explains how the transfer of knowledge within a franchise system can be improved through digitization.

PROFIT:An important point in franchising is the transfer of knowledge. What's the best way to do that?
Young: Franchising stands for "partnership for profit". In order for franchisors and franchisees to achieve this, a comprehensive transfer of know-how is required from the franchisor to the franchise partner and his employees. The prerequisite for this is the standardization and documentation of the knowledge of the franchisor in the form of know-how documentation.

PROFIT:Isn't the franchise agreement sufficient for documentation?
Young: The franchise contract regulates the rights and obligations between the franchisor and the franchise partner. The specific application know-how is not described in the franchise contract, but is handed over to the franchise partner with the know-how documentation. It is the foundation of the know-how transfer. Far too often, however, it withers away unopened on the shelf of the franchise partner.

PROFIT:What can be done to prevent the franchise manual from gathering dust on the franchise partner's shelf?
Young: We are increasingly looking for answers to our questions on YouTube. Tutorials on all areas of work and private life help us to find solutions and answers to our questions with videos and additional spoken instructions. This development is particularly exciting in the area of ​​knowledge transfer.

PROFIT:That means the printed franchise manual has died and it's all video?
Young: From advising our customers, I know that the ideal is not "either-or", but rather "both-and". In our daily work we use both print and online. Specifically, I recommend our customers to write a short and crisp “Franchise Partnership Book”, in which the basic philosophy, the concept and the strategies are described. Ideally, the franchise partner will find the content in this book that will remain in the franchise system and will not change so quickly. In addition to the book, all specific process descriptions and instruments for the franchise partner and his employees for implementation in their daily work are provided in an intelligent intranet. In my opinion, step-by-step instructions that convey knowledge in small learning units with video support are the future for franchise systems.

PROFIT:What makes an intranet intelligent?
Young: In my experience, it is not a question of simply replacing print with online knowledge transfer. An intelligent intranet not only provides knowledge, but also actively offers bottleneck-focused measures and promotes communication between franchise partners and employees.

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