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counselor Stalking: when love becomes mad

The term stalking comes from hunting and actually means sneaking up on, stalking game. The term now stands for the persecution, harassment and terrorization of a fellow human being. Former partners, work colleagues, casual acquaintances or complete strangers - the often merciless persecution can last months, years, sometimes a lifetime. Stalking is psychological terror. The victims often suffer from insomnia, depression and stress.

Who are the perpetrators?

The stalkers themselves often suffer from personality disorders. They have low self-esteem and social problems. Australian researchers distinguish the following types of stalkers:

  • Ex- (spouse) partners, close relatives or friends who want to achieve reconciliation through persecution.
  • Stalkers in love with their victim. You're trying to establish an intimate relationship. They are often unaware that their victims do not want this at all.
  • Stalkers trying to get in touch with people. They are narcissistic, prone to overestimating themselves and do not understand when their victims reject them.
  • So-called "annoying" stalkers harass their victims in order to scare or frighten them. They are often paranoid and often persecute lawyers or doctors who they think may have harmed them in any way.
  • Stalkers who aim to physically attack their victim. They usually pursue their victims for weeks and months. Rape is common among this group. They try to always stay in control and are characterized by a high propensity for violence.

How do you recognize a stalker?

  • Numerous phone calls at the most impossible times, at work or privately
  • Threatening messages on the answering machine
  • Defamations, insults
  • Constant presence of the persecutor in front of the victim's home or workplace, constant ambush
  • Gifts, love letters, later with insults and threats
  • Lots of emails and SMS
  • Property damage, e.g. thrown window panes, stabbed car tires
  • Burglary