Where can I find freelance online jobs

5 platforms for freelance job hunting

Entering freelance is not easy and at the beginning you ask yourself a huge number of questions. One of the most central questions is: How do I get jobs? Job acquisition is always the focus of the digital nomad and takes a lot of time. We have compiled the 5 best job platforms for freelancers!



The t3n job exchange is not specifically designed for freelancers, but there is still a huge selection of jobs from the “online world”, in which many digital nomads are: PR & editing, marketing, design, software and project management. There you should always keep your eyes peeled for “remote” jobs. And even if the position is not advertised for freelancers, nothing speaks against convincing you with an unsolicited application.


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This job exchange is especially for freelancers and you will find numerous job offers from all possible areas. Software developers and website designers in particular will find a colorful range there every day.
You don't need your own profile to search for jobs. Nevertheless, you cannot always get all the information without a profile. Membership is therefore recommended. The good thing: You can decide for yourself whether you choose the free option or the fee-based option. With the free version, you can apply directly to the client with your freelance profile. Unfortunately, not all jobs are displayed with the free version. So there is only one choice. With the fee-based variant (a 3-month subscription costs € 49.90) you get access to all jobs that the portal offers. Just try out what makes the most sense for you!


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Twago is also specially designed for freelancers. In order to get an insight into possible jobs, you have to create a profile and ideally a résumé. The use of the job exchange is free of charge. However, if you win an order for yourself, you have to pay commission to twago. The disadvantage: the platform only allows a limited view of jobs. The complete insight can be bought with the internal payment method "twago credits". A good reason why this platform isn't for everyone. But the same applies here: Simply test it for free!


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The eye

A platform for all creative people and not just for freelancers. But here, too, there are jobs for designers, online marketing staff, copywriters or software developers who are advertised as "remote". Creating a profile is free of charge and you can view all job advertisements. There is also a lot of other information there that might be of interest when looking for a job: profiles of agencies, blogs, etc. You might get to an agency page that currently has vacancies for freelancers or a good blog that has similar clues holds.


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A job exchange that is particularly interesting for copywriters, journalists, marketing specialists and PR staff. You don't have to create a profile and you can still see all jobs. The site is very clearly divided into different job categories and offers a really large selection of jobs every day that are ideal for digital nomads. However, the portal is not exclusively for freelancers.


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The best thing to do is to try out all of the job portals and to search on all portals at the same time. This is a lot of work, but you won't be deprived of a job and you will find out which platform makes the most sense. In addition, one should not always assume that jobs are exclusively on freelance portals. Often you will also find what you are looking for on regular job sites. And even if a job is not explicitly advertised for freelancers, nothing speaks against applying anyway and convincing the client of the advantages of a freelancer!