What will purify tarnished silver?

Cleaning silver chains - 10 household tips

Women and jewelry - an endless love. Although one is very careful with silver jewelry, it can happen that the silver jewelry loses its shine or even turns black. What now? This is the question many women ask themselves, but there is nothing to worry about. We have some household tips for you with which you can make your silver chains shine again - completely without chemicals.

  1. Give toothpaste on a fresh toothbrush and scrub your silver jewelry with it. Finally, rinse the jewelry with clean water and dispose of the toothbrush. Your jewelry will then look like new!
  2. Even with one Kukident tablet you can clean your silver jewelry. To do this, dissolve one tablet in a bowl of warm water. Add your silver jewelry and wait a few hours. The discoloration will dissolve and your silver will be clean again.
  3. With Aluminum foil you can also clean your silver jewelry. Put a piece of aluminum foil and a teaspoon of salt in a bowl, which you then fill with hot water. Put your silver jewelry inside and wait 1-2 minutes. Then rinse everything off with clear water and your silver is ready! Alternatively, you can wrap your jewelry in aluminum foil and then put it in the dishwasher. After 60 minutes your silver jewelry is like new!
  4. Also sour milk can help clean silver jewelry. To do this, put the jewelry in a bowl with sour milk. Make sure that the jewelry is completely covered. Let it stand overnight and rinse it off thoroughly the next morning. The discoloration is gone and your silver shines again.
  5. With a potato you can also get your silver clean again. To do this, rub your jewelry with a raw potato that you have cut open. This method is especially intended for solid silver jewelry.
  6. Silver can also be used ash getting cleaned. To do this, rub fireplace ash thoroughly into the jewelry with a household towel. Then rinse off your silver thoroughly.
  7. beer is not only a popular drink, it also cleans your silver. Put your silver jewelry in a bowl of beer overnight. The next morning, rinse off the jewelry thoroughly and your silver will be top again.
  8. Redeem Sachets of baking soda or baking powder (Baking powder is made from baking soda - the effect is the same) in a bowl of water and place your silver jewelry in it overnight. Wash the jewelry thoroughly the next morning and enjoy the new sheen of your silver.
  9. Alternatively, a bath in also works Salt or citric acid, whereby an unpleasant smell forms with the salt, which is caused by the sulfur dissolved in the silver. Soaked overnight, your silver is like new the next morning!
  10. Liquid curd soap mixed with a little ammonia and dissolved in warm water makes your silver shine again!

To avoid stains and blemishes from the outset, you can put a piece of blackboard chalk in the drawer in which you keep your jewelry. This actually works and keeps your silver from tarnishing! It is important that you do not put your silver cutlery in the dishwasher after use. The silver turns brown, which is often due to the connection of the material with substances from the leftover food. Many foods contain sulfur, which reacts with the silver and discolors it. It is best to rinse your silver thoroughly by hand immediately after use - this way you can be sure that it stays nice and shiny.

If the black marks are stubborn, go to your dealer or jeweler and ask what you can do. Most likely, he will have the right detergent for you to make your silver jewelry shine again.