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Translated creepy pasta stories

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The collective topic for translated creepy pastas

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[tab = preface]
Welcome to the Fanfiction Topic, the translated creepy pasta stories.
Creepy Pastas are scary stories, about child-friendly games and series. In our case, they are Pokémon scary stories.
I've wanted to open up such a topic for a long time, but unfortunately it didn't really work out at the beginning, but it doesn't matter.
Here you will find many translated creepy pasta stories that have been translated by different users.

[tab = WARNING]
The creepy pasta stories are known for their horror. These are Pokémon games and or series that have been rewritten into a horror or horror story.
If you don't like the defaced Pokémon and the dark stories of your favorites, you shouldn't read any further at this point.
I give the creepy pastas an age restriction of around 12 to 16 years.
There will be violence, psychological terror and blood flowing in the individual stories.

[tab = rules and FAQ]

[subtab = rules]
We should also name a few rules.

- The Bisaboard rules still apply here
- If you want to comment on one of the Creepy Pasta stories, you are welcome to do so.
- Always be polite and friendly.
- Please also avoid spam, that means that you shouldn't turn away from the actual topic, the creepy pastas.
- Please write in detail what you like

- It is undesirable if you just say "The creepy pasta is great, keep it up, thank you for it."
- Posts like in the point just mentioned, please write them in the guest books of the respective person
- if you violate this rule, your post will be deleted



In addition, the moderators will soon delete all spam mail that does not go into the individual Creepy Pasta, but is only a thank you.
If you would like to express your thanks to someone in the near future, please write it down to this person in the guest book. If there are more thanks posts, they will be deleted, even without comment.

Please see the FAQ for more information

[subtab = FAQ introduction]
Creepypasta - FAQ

Creepypasta - what is it?

Creepypasta is the umbrella term for mysterious short stories that are usually intended to scare readers. In our case, the creepypasta concern our all favorite game - Pokémon.

W.as iis the point of this topic?

The creepypasta are usually in English. But not everyone can speak English well. That's why selected creepypasta are translated into German here. The originals are always placed as a link under the translation. Check them out if you feel like it. This is how you might learn English.

I also want to translate a creepypasta!

You are welcome to do that. But be aware that translating a text from English into German is completely different from just speaking good English. You have to understand the text, understand the meaning behind it and then convert the whole thing into German words and grammar so that it sounds legible. I've already received very good translations, but also very cruel ones (out of discretion, I don't mention names). So only start a translation if you are convinced of yourself.

It also applies absolutely the following rules must be observed:

[subtab = FAQ for translators]
Rules for translators


When you've found a pasta you'd like to translate, send a PM to Hikari17. I keep a list of who has done which translations. We don't want (as with “Ohrdoch wants to play”) two translations from different people to arrive. I will check whether your link is already taken and then get in touch. If so, I'm sorry, someone was faster. It'll work out next time. If not, you will be added to the list and can start translating.

Make sure you keep all the paragraphs and formatting of the original pasta. If a sentence is a bit too long, you can of course make two sentences out of it, but don't just split a coherent paragraph. Also, be sure to translate all sentences and paragraphs. It has already happened twice that something was missing (yes, I check that with the original pasta next to the translation). Formatting in the forum is html, i.e. for bold, for italic and for underlined. Alternatively, you can simply send me the pasta as a word processing program document and visibly incorporate the formatting, then I will do it for the forum.

I am done with the translation

The finished translation will be sent to Hikari17 via PM. I personally check the translation and correct it if necessary.

My translation was not posted!

Patience. It takes time to proofread and post all of the translations. My private life mustn't be neglected either. Also, I only want to post one pasta a day so that none goes down and all are read equally.

What should I translate?

A list of links is posted here, from which you can choose something (but don't forget to agree). The list is updated regularly.


If you want to do a translation, I assume that you have the time. As soon as I release the pasta for you, I will give you four weeks for the translation. If the translation is not ready after four weeks, I ask. However, should you still not be able to report and tell what has stopped you, the pasta will be withdrawn and added back to the link list.


If someone does not adhere to the above rules, especially the agreement, the translation will not be accepted and will never be posted. I also ask you to watch out for spelling mistakes and possibly run a spelling correction program over the translation.

Furthermore, I would like to make all translated Creepypasta available to the Creepypasta fan page "Germancreepypasta", which has a similar function to our topic. I will use the name myself and the CP-Topic-Team. If someone does not agree with this, or wants to be called by a different name, please send me a PM and let me know.

[tab = fanart search]
Since there are no fanart's for some creepy pasta, we would like to ask our readers to draw some that we can post here. If it suits the creepy pasta, we also like to post sprites.
Of course, the artists of these pictures will be noted under their fanart.
The best pictures and sprites are put ON for the respective creepy pasta. You can report yourself by private report or with a guest book entry at Hikari17 and me.
At the moment we are mainly looking for the story:

after fanart's.
We wish you a lot of fun and hope that you get in touch.

[tab = thanks and dedication]
Acknowledgment and dedication:
I would like to thank everyone who took the time to translate the creepy pastas.
I am glad that there are so many hardworking people like you.
I would also like to especially thank my friend Hikari, who has already translated a lot of creepy pastas here reliably and who gave the starting shot for this topic.
I would also like to thank the moderators who made this topic possible.
In particular, I would like to thank Paya for supporting us and clarifying some problems.
And again many thanks to Solid Enigma, who created a cover picture for us, matching the topic.

[tab = inspiration]
Inspiration and Idea:
I was inspired by the Creepy Black story, with the Lavender Town spirit. It was the first Creepy Pasta that I got to know and when I found out that there were a lot more of them, I wanted to translate some of them. Unfortunately, I'm not that good at English and translating it was very difficult for me.
But then I met a lot of other people here in the forum who are also interested in creepy pastas. These people then offered to help me translate these stories.
So the idea came up to open a topic about it.

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These stories are not written by us, the original stories are mostly on the Creepypastas Wiki page. Others come from Deviantart or similar sites.

Table of Contents
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[tab = ...]
In this table of contents, all Creepy Pasta translations that have received very good ratings will be marked with a smiley in the future. For all those who are new to this topic, this is an orientation as to which Creepy Pasta stories are the best. In addition, you can now also vote for your "TOP 10" Creepy Pasta stories in Post 2.
And another innovation that I always try to keep up to date is that all recently re-posted stories will be color-coded.

Red - Slightly older stories
Green - The latest stories

[tab = A]
Abandon LONLINESS (translation Hikari17)
Abandoned Mew
Absol (translation Hikari17)
A Day in a Pokémon World Full of Horror

A Difficult Task
Aku no Hana - Evil Flowers (1st part; 2nd part = -splice-) (translation Hikari17)
A Liar Deserves His Revenge
Ash's Coma (Translation Tonishiro)
A Shuppet's Call

Audino wants to play (translation Black Soul / Ivo_Ilicevic)
Ax, Candle, Rope (Hikari17 translation)

[tab = B]
Battery Ditto (Translation Sterling)
Belle's Demise (Translation FreeKyandi)
Blue Tears (Hikari17)
Braid (translation comma killer)
Buried Alive (Hikari17 translation)

[tab = C]
Clocks'] Clocks [/ url] (translation FreeKyandi)
Color Blind (Hikari17 translation)
Creepy Black (Hikari17)
Creepy Jigglypuff (translation Tombery / translation Hikari17)
Cruel Trainers (translation Ivo_Ivicelic)
CRUSHED (Hikari17 translation)

Crystal Hack
Cubone's Revenge (Translated by FreeKyandi)
Curse (Hikari17 translation)
Cursedtini (translation FreeKyandi)

[tab = D]
Day 63 (Translated Hikari17)
Decaying (Hikari17 translation)
Devolution (translation Foxhound71)
Doomwheel Forest (translation Anemone)

[tab = E]
Easter Egg - Snow on MT. Silver (translated by Hikari17)
Education (translation FreeKyandi)
Espionage (translated Hikari17)
Evil Emerald (Hikari17 translation)
Explores of Death short version 1 (translated by Hikari17)

Explores of Death long version 2 (Translated by Hikari17)

[tab = F]
Flame Body (translated Foxhound 71)
Forever Mine (translated El Ashgesichto)
Forever Mine Version 2 (Translation Anemone)
Frostlass (Translation FreeKyandi)
Fuzz, the Snivy of Satan ...

[tab = G]
Genesis missed you! (Translation Hikari17)
Glitchlett (translated Veltro)
Glow '] Glow [/ url] (Translated by FreeKyandi)

[tab = H]
Hungry (translated FreeKyandi)
Hypnochu (translated FreeKyandi)
Hypno's Lullaby (translated Foxhound71)

[tab = I]
I am not a Clone (translated Black Soul)
Irony (translated Foxhound71)
I will always be with you
I won't leave you

[tab = J]
Jacred (translated FreeKyandi)
Jessica (Hikari17 translation)
Jigglypuff's Song (translated Foxhound71)
Just 7 Days (translated Foxhound71)

[tab = K]
Kill Switch

[tab = L]
La Poupée (translation FreeKyandi)
Lapse of Freedom (translated FreeKyandi)
Loss of Purpose
Lost Silver (Translation Foxhound`71)
Lost Silver Hack Edition

Lullaby Cave '] Lullaby Cave [/ url] (translation Hikari17)

[tab = M]
Master Ball (Translation Black Soul)
Mays Revenge (translation Zorua1245)
Mewtwo (translation Blui)
Mori Misses You (Translation Hikari17)
Mother's Cry (Hikari17)

Mount Silver (Translation Kardia)
Mutant Future (Hikari17)
Muted Emerald (Translation Tonishiro)
My Missingno Story (Translation Hikari17)
My Shining Star (Hikari17)

[tab = N]
Nightmare in Kanto (translation Hikari17)
Nightmare's Revenge (Hikari17 translation)
Ns Rage (translation Zorua1245)
Nurse Joy (translation Luka Megurine)

[tab = O]
Old Chateau Secret (Translated by FreeKyandi)

[tab = P]
Parasect (translation MentalChocobo)
Perfect (Sterling translation)
Personality Molding (Translated by Alyson)
Phinweel Village (Translated by Sterling)
Pokémon Blank (translation Hikari17)

Pokémon Burning Gold
Pokémon Crystal: A Call (FreeKyandi translation)
Pokemon Dead Channel (Translation Tombery / Hikari17)
Pokemon Dreamers (Translation FreeKyandi)
Pokémon FireRed: Love Me

Pokémon Fuchsia (translation Hikari17)
Pokémon Plague (translation Hikari17)
Pokémon Raging Storm
Pokémon Snap
Pokémon Snap Beauty

Pokémon XD: Burning Lugia (translation Libelldrafan)
Poor Rival (Hikari17 translation)
Prevention of Evolution (Translation Sanny)
Project Eeveelution (Translation FreeKyandi)
Pure Innocence (Translation FreeKyandi)

[tab = Q]
Quilava is mourning (translation Zorua1245)

[tab = R]
Radio Tower (translation Anemone)
R E B O R N (FreeKyandi translation)

[tab = S]
Said it with a bullet
Salvation and Power (Translation FreeKyandi)
-splice- (2nd part; 1st part = Aku no Hana - Evil Flowers) (translation Hikari17)
Spoink (FreeKyandi translation)
Starved (Hikari17 translation)

Strangled Red (Hikari17)

[tab = T]
Tarnished Gold (Hikari17 translation)
The Calm World of Madness (translated by FreeKyandi)
The Hotel (translated by FreeKyandi)
The Last Audino (translated by FreeKyandi)
The Screeching Ghost Pokémon

The Story of N (translated by FreeKyandi)
Tick ​​Tick Tick
Top Percentage (translation by ZitaYuseo)
Trapped (translated by FreeKyandi)
Trick House, Mad House (translation Karwe97)

[tab = V]
Vermilion City Construction Project (Hikari17 translation)

[tab = W]
Wally (FreeKyandi)
What is a Haunter? (Translation Hikari17)
White Haunter (Hikari17 translation)
Wobbufet's Tail (translation Tungsten)

[tab = sources]
General source:
Creepypasta Wiki Summary

Individual sources:
Creepypasta Wiki
Creepypasta Wiki
Fan fiction

[tab = Our current translators:]

Point killer
Origin Giratina

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Table of contents of user creepy pasta
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[tab = ...]

[tab = A]
A Parasite with Ambitions (written by MentalChoboco)

[tab = D]
The trainer with the Parasek (written by ~ Kairi ~)

[tab = E]
Once a rocket, always a rocket (written by ~ Kairi ~)
End station (written by ~ Kairi ~)

[tab = F]
Fur and tears (written by Foxhound '71)
Curse of the Knofensa Tower (written by Emil Castagnier)

[tab = G]
Guarding Guardevoir (written by Sound of Silence)

[tab = M]
Mementolink (written by ~ Kairi ~)

[tab = O]
Ohrdoch (written by ~ Kairi ~)

[tab = P]
Pokemon Bleeding Colosseum (written by GlumaLucas)

[tab = T]
The Box Never Forgets (written by Tungsten)
The Pokemon Life (written by Nocturnafeder)
Triumph (written by ~ Kairi ~)

[tab = U]
Unexpected death (written by Typhoon)

[tab = W]
Growth (written by HIGUR4SHI1111)
Desire and Reality (written by Shelli Ice Dragon Demon)

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