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BioPlatzl Maierhofer - apple cider, 750ml

Apple cider has been so popular in almost all of Europe since ancient times that its exact origin can no longer be clarified. It is particularly widespread in Sweden, Finland, France, Belgium, England, Ireland, Spain and the German Rhine-Main region - here under the name “Ebbelwoi”. Other names are apple cider or apple sparkling wine, depending on whether and how much carbon dioxide it contains. Occasionally, apples and pears are also mixed together to create a more complex flavor.

To make apple cider, apples are pressed and fermented by yeasts at cool temperatures until they have the desired alcohol and sugar content. For intense pearls, they are rearranged again before the end of ripening, this is where most of the carbonic acid is created. How long the wine matures varies greatly from region to region and ranges from six weeks to several years. The maturation takes place in barrels, but also occasionally like sparkling wine in bottles.

Due to the large selection of apple varieties and different lengths of fermentation, added sugar and other factors, the taste and alcohol content of different types of cider are very different. The latter ranges from 0.5 to 7.5 percent. The variable aroma increases with the length of storage and varies between very sweet, as is common in Sweden, and the often bitter apple cider from France and Belgium. Finnish apple cider in particular is often enjoyed flavored with other types of fruit or vanilla. When you buy apple cider online, a look at the description is therefore very helpful in making the right choice.