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If you want to relocate your own cinema experience to your own four walls, you no longer have to go to the nearest video library to borrow it. Film enjoyment is made much easier for us by using so-called streaming services. For a fee, the films can be sent straight to your home from the Internet. The video on demand test reveals which streaming service impresses with the greatest variety of films and series.

Definition of video on demand

The term Video on demand describes nothing more than an interactive multimedia service that enables the individual retrieval of videos. The advantage of using them is that almost any film can be viewed - regardless of the time and location. In contrast to the traditional borrowing procedure, the user watches the films directly at home or on the go. This enables the preferred film to be broadcast over the DSL connection (DSL provider being tested).

Function of video on demand

As part of classic video on demand, a service provider operates a video server on which several hundred video films can be accessed. These can be called up at any time. The multimedia service is used either on a free or paid basis. In the case of paid membership, the fee is calculated based on the number of films viewed.

How does film rental work on the net?

Those who opt for the rental option to stream a film have different limits depending on the platform Access time. Usually this is 24 to 48 hours. In this context, the loaded film can be played back several times.

Flat rates reduce the rental price

In addition to the option of individual access, platforms also offer the option of agreeing a monthly flat rate. Ever higher the agreed flat rate is measured, the more content can be streamed per month. Only the provider Netflix grants unlimited access to your downloaded films. In contrast, the providers calculate their prices for individual films and agreed flat rates quite differently. Therefore, every user is advised to calculate which variant corresponds to their viewing habits and is still cheap.

Availability of the films

The variety of films and series varies from portal to portal. This usually ranges from several hundreds to several 10,000 films. While some offer particularly current titles, other portals have numerous classics on offer. You will not find what you are looking for in films with subtitles or foreign original versions.

Technical requirements for video on demand

If you want to use the multimedia services of video on demand, you should first and foremost make sure that you are in possession of a fast internet connection is. Would you like to watch movies in Standard quality stream, experts recommend a speed of two megabits per second. Users who, on the other hand, prefer Movies in HD quality must have an HD-capable screen as well as an Internet connection from 16 megabits per second show. In order to be able to stream via the PC, Windows usually has to be installed. Users of smartphones or tablet computers can only access the platforms with certain operating systems.

2017 Computer Bild tests 7 streaming services

At the end of March 2017, the trade journal Computer Bild compared seven film streaming services to determine who had the best offer. The first finding of the test is. Streaming services cannot replace going to the cinema. If you want to see the very latest blockbusters, you have to go to the cinema (source).

The test categories - video on demand


The testers compared the topicality of the films on offer. The providers who also finance themselves through individual loans and sales are better positioned here. Overall, they have the more up-to-date range - especially in the feature films area.

On the other hand, streaming services such as Netflix now produce their own series, which can then be viewed via these portals at no additional cost.


In the area of ​​costs, the portals hardly differ from one another. All providers charge monthly fees between 8 and 10 euros. Only Amazon is cheaper here. However, the users here also have to commit themselves for a year and cannot cancel on a monthly basis. In addition, the entire offer is not available above the normal subscription price. Many films have to be "borrowed" and paid for separately.

Test winner

Computer Bild names Amazon Prime Video the test winner. Reason: This provider is strong in all areas (selection, price, device compatibility or convenience.). The analysts see clear weaknesses in at least one category of all other providers.

Online video rental stores put to the test - Stiftung Warentest tested - March 2015 (as of August 2016)

Due to its increasing popularity, Stiftung Warentest (03/2015) has taken on the topic of video on demand. To do this, they examined 13 video-on-demand services individually or by subscription and searched the video stores for the 100 very popular films. They also put the streaming services to the test with regard to the following criteria:

Scope of offer: Here, the entirety of loaned and purchased titles was determined with the help of 100 films and 98 series defined in advance, including both classics and current titles. We also looked to see what other options are available, such as resolutions in the original language versions and subtitles. This criterion was included in the overall result with 35 percent.

Use: With regard to use, attention was paid to points such as setting up the service, track selection, playback and billing, from registration to final termination. In addition, in the event of problems, support was provided via chat or e-mail based on five questions. This factor makes up about 40 percent of the total result.

Picture and sound quality: The picture quality was examined with two movies from the genre action, whereby three scenes were used per title. Furthermore, the occurrence of artifacts and jerking as well as the level of detail were tested on two high-quality screens with the same image settings. The sound quality was also put to the test with two titles and three scenes. The focus was particularly on details such as sound neutrality, dynamics, the occurrence of dropouts and asynchrony between image and sound. The picture and sound quality made up 25 percent of the overall result.

Noticeable differences in format

By and large, the individual access to the streaming services performed better than the subscription. However, the evaluation shows that there is a difference between raving about films and series. Almost all video-on-demand providers received great praise for their picture and sound quality. According to Stiftung Warentest, a subscription offer is particularly worthwhile for series fans. If there is no subscription, fans are obliged to purchase the individual episodes, which ultimately turns out to be a much more expensive streaming option. Only Maxdome had nine of the desired series ready as a temporary loan offer.

Large variety of series on iTunes

In contrast, iTunes can offer the greatest variety of series. To this end, 60 of the required 98 series can be bought there. Series fans are not given a loan option. The evaluation of the tested subscription offers shows that each provider consistently offered 19 of the 25 series they were looking for. Only the provider Snap by Sky could appear with only eleven series.

Film fans are highly recommended to view them individually

In contrast to this, Stiftung Warentest recommends that all film fans view them individually. In this case too, iTunes can repeatedly impress with a large variety of films. There, movie trailers of 100 films can rent around 71 and buy 75 of them. In contrast, providers such as Xbox and Videociety were able to come up with a variety of 32 films.

Test results

After evaluating the various video-on-demand providers, the following ranking emerged in the area of ​​individual access:

1Max cathedrals2,8
2Apple iTunes3,3
3Telekom video load3,6
4Amazon Instant Video Shop3,6
5Sony video unlimited4,1
6Media Markt video download shop4,3
7Microsoft Xbox Video4,6

Furthermore, the following test results were found in the area of ​​subscription services:

1Amazon Prime Instant Video4,4
3Snap by Sky4,6
4Maxdome package4,8

Test winner

With a test rating of 2.8, Maxdome was the test winner in the area of ​​individual access. In contrast, the subscription services of the provider Amazon Prime Instant Video got an overall rating of 3.5, which is certain to win. Fans who want to save on series shows are best served by taking out a subscription. With the realization of a savings potential, the fan has a limited selection of series. ITunes offers the largest selection here, with a lot of additional purchases. If, on the other hand, you are looking for more recent films, individual retrieval is more advantageous.

Streaming services put to the test --vergleich.org tested - December 2014

The services of the various video-on-demand portals were also put to the test by the consumer magazinevergleich.org (12/2014). To do this, they checked five video-on-demand portals with regard to their availability of 726 series episodes and twelve films.

Good series and film offers are rare

The test reveals that an average of 74 percent of the tested series and 62 percent of the tested films were missing. Another problem also emerged. As a result, no provider has been able to convince with a consistently satisfactory offer.

A comparison of the prices of the video-on-demand portals

Snap by Sky3.99 euros
Amazon4.08 euros
Netflix7.99 euros
Max cathedrals7.99 euros
Watchever8.99 euros

Test winner

In particular, the provider Netflix was able to prevail as the test winner. Above all, it impresses with its very good user guidance and simple operation. In addition, Netflix adjusts the bit rate to the available internet connection. Furthermore, they convince with a high-quality series offer. Nonetheless, popular series like Gilmore Girls, Navy C.I.S. and Two an a Half Men cannot be looked at over it. In contrast, the provider Amazon Prime Instant Video emerged as the price-performance test winner. The testers seemed extremely impressed by the discounts on 1-year subscriptions and for students. Furthermore, Amazon Prime Instant Video offers good offline functions and a large selection of series.

Video on demand is enjoying increasing popularity

The video on demand multimedia service has existed for several years. The increasing demand for access to a multimedia film world has called on many providers to continuously improve their services. As a result, watching films via video on demand has never been so inexpensive and versatile as it is today. Against this background, it is worthwhile to take a close look at the various providers and the films they show in a comparison. The range of services offered by the various providers is particularly impressive due to their diverse selection and the simple system. After all, the customer is no longer obliged to wait for his favorite film, nor does he have to return it after the time has expired.