Can people have multicolored hair naturally?

Balayage: coloring technique for natural strands

What is balayage?

Those who want delicate, natural highlights and highlights that have been kissed by the sun are well advised to use the balayage technique. The hair color trend comes from France and experienced hairdressers have had the free-hand coloring technique in their repertoire for a long time. Now it is becoming more and more popular with us too.

The difference to conventional methods of hair coloring lies in the application of color: unlike conventional highlighting methods, in which individual sections of hair are separated, colored from roots to ends and wrapped with foil, the hair is worked with a brush freehand. Individual strands of hair are brushed with color, similar to a sweeping motion. This also explains the name "balayage", which is derived from the French "balayer". That means something like "sweep", "wipe" or "swing". The hairdresser selects individual strands. emphasizes them to different degrees, some also remain untreated. In this way, different intense color mixtures can be created and individually adapted to the wearer. The delicate so-called babylights create a sun-kissed look that not only looks natural, but is also pretty easy to care for.