How does fashion work

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We evaluate sociological, psychological,
demoscopic studies and statistics
always conduct interviews with focus groups.
We also look at worldwide
the markets, especially those that always
are a little further than Germany, so
especially the USA and Asia. also
we send our scouts, about 30 foreign correspondents,
to the "Storecheck"
in the shops. And we leave about them
Street interviews or expert interviews
carry out.
Here the experts, in this case the fashion designers, are interviewed. A trend always has to do with social developments. Materials and cuts play an important role, especially in fashion. The new collections are shown at fashion shows. What is then really accepted by the consumer depends on, among other things. with the zeitgeist and attitude to life.
Angelika Arnold
Worldwide markets are monitored by trend scouts observing supply and demand in fashion stores, focus groups are regularly interviewed about their purchase decisions and also demoscopic and sociological studies and statistics are examined.