How can I get cheap wedding invitations

Design wedding cards with the motif of your choice and print them online

Give your wedding stationery a personal touch

Your wedding requires some preparation so that your big day turns out the way you want it to be. When the date and the guest list are in place and you also know where and in what context you want to celebrate, they are Wedding cards the next step. Of course, it is important that guests receive all information that is important to them. In addition, the appearance of the invitation cards plays an important role, because with this card you already give an outlook on what your guests can expect on the wedding day.

Your wedding is unique - and so should your invitation

Do you celebrate classically in white or in the popular vintage style? Is it going to be romantic or rather elegant and modern? You can convey this information with the design of your individual wedding card - without saying a word about it. The search for the perfect Wedding invitation is not always easy, however, because you have seen all of the popular models before. If you want to stand out from this with your invitation card, you should design your stationery yourself and have it printed by us. By the way - at your online print shop WIRmachenDRUCK you will find everything you need in addition to the invitation card Wedding stationery need: Announce your big day to loved ones in good time with save-the-date cards. Create unique church notebooks that guide you through the church wedding and reveal on individual menu cards which food and drinks everyone can look forward to. After your wedding, thank you cards are ideal to thank everyone invited for their contribution to a successful wedding celebration and the gifts.

Numerous noble possibilities for your individual wedding invitation

We offer different types of cards for your individual wedding invitation. Our standard cards, which are available in various formats, are very popular: we have one for you Cards in DIN long as well as in DIN A5 to DIN A8 in portrait and landscape format in the range. You will also find what you are looking for with us if you have one square invitation card search. With our top sellers, such as the square folding cards, you have different paper thicknesses available and you can also opt for multiply folded copies, foil lamination, linen structure cardboard that goes with vintage, finishes with lacquer and mother-of-pearl and printing on recycled paper.

For wedding cards with that certain something

If you are a extravagant wedding card we recommend our models with partial UV varnish or full-surface UV varnish. Are you planning a real fairytale wedding? Then an invitation card with glitter lacquer is perfect. Are your decorative colors gold or silver? An exclusive wedding card with the special color gold or silver puts your guests in the ideal mood - and is of course also suitable as an invitation for a silver or gold wedding.

Have you received an invitation to the wedding and are now looking for an idea how to make the bridal couple happy? Create an individual wedding newspaper that is sure to hit the mark. Or are you the best man responsible for the stag party? Of course, we also print T-shirts and buttons according to your wishes.