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Specialist salary: you can earn that

As a specialist in Germany, you can set up your own practice or work as an employed doctor. In the article we reveal what salary you can expect in a clinic.

At a glance: What does a specialist earn?

Pay grade:Salary Range:Average salary per month:

Specialist (1st year)

6,063 euros - 6,391 euros

6,186 euros

Specialist (4th year)

6,584 euros - 7,020 euros

6,748 euros

Specialist (7th year)

7,028 euros - 7,361 euros

7,153 euros

Specialist (9th year)

7,266 euros - 7,736 euros

7,429 euros

Specialist (11th year)

7,547 euros - 7,922 euros

7,648 euros

Specialist (13th year)

7,705 euros - 7,985 euros

7,841 euros

Anyone who works as a specialist has completed their specialist training and thus their internship. Anyone who would like to continue working in the hospital and not as a resident doctor is usually paid according to the collective agreement - as was the case as an assistant doctor. The salary rises only slightly at first: If the earnings in the 6th year as an assistant doctor are on average just under 6,000 euros, a specialist in the 1st year receives an average of around 200 euros more.

Starting salary as a specialist (1st year)

With increasing professional experience in medicine, the income of doctors also increases: Those who have worked as a specialist for seven years can look forward to more than 1,000 euros gross in their pockets compared to the starting salary: In the 7th year of work, the salary as a specialist is between a good 7,000 euros and more than 7,350 euros.

Specialist salary (7th year)


In contrast to resident doctors, income continues to rise even after more than seven years in the job. Depending on the employer, there is usually an automatic salary increase every two years according to the collective agreement. A specialist in the 13th year of work comes to an average of almost 8,000 euros gross. And the same applies to medical specialists: The basic salary can rise significantly again through services and other supplements.

Specialist salary (13th year)

Incidentally, the salary of a specialist in the 13th year at a university clinic is on par with a senior doctor in the 1st year. With other employers, the experienced specialist is even a bit better in a direct comparison. But: after 13 years of work, the specialist salary does not increase any further. Specifically, this means: If you want to earn more in the clinic, you should look for a job as a senior physician now at the latest. There is a lot more to it, especially in the non-tariff area.

Source: Marburger Bund, collective agreements (as of June 2020)

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