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Backward movement or backward movement is not the real path, but the path of the planet that is visible from Earth. The retrograde effect occurs due to the different speeds of the earth and the planet relative to the sun. If we don't have to get used to Mercury's retrograde (R), it is retrograde 3-4 times a year for 20 days, then Mars retrograde is a rarer phenomenon, it is retrograde every 2 years for 80 days. The social planets - Jupiter and Saturn and the higher planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are going backwards every year. I want to remind you that the sun and moon are never retrograde. Listed below are all of the retrograde periods of the planets in 2017. However, in order to interpret them more accurately, you need to understand the specifics of retrograde periods and their phases.

When we interpret the transit of a retrograde planet, we are not only dealing with the retrograde phase itself, but we are also looking at the entire retro period called the "retrograde loop". Retrograde loops of planets are longer periods of time than the distance from point R to point D. They cover the entire segment of the zodiac in degrees along which the planet moves retrograde. The countdown of the retrograde loop begins from the moment the direct planet still enters the degree of sign to which it returns at its outermost retrograde point to turn back to direct motion - D.

When the planet enters the retro phase, it will slow down to stationarity (Stop - SR) and slowly turn around. It returns along the recently passed portion of the character - (R) to stop again at the end of the retrograde period - (SD) and turns in direction (D). Movement, already traveled twice along the way.

Declining periods and decision making

In retrograde motion, the planet repeats its path along the same degrees of the zodiac that it has already walked in its direct motion. From an esoteric point of view, this is a return to the past, turning inward, reconsidering the experiences gained, and slowing down business. Therefore, with the regression of the fast planets Mercury, Mars and Venus, starting fundamentally new matters and projects for the future is not recommended. Such an undertaking is fraught with difficulties and complications and does not produce the result that a person expects. At such a time, external conditions, laws and circumstances change, they will not remain the same and familiar, but they have not yet been determined. During the retro periods of personal planets, we do not have all of the information necessary for proper evaluation. It is not safe to draw final conclusions and make decisions at such a time - the situation, circumstances will change, and the decision made may be wrong.

In declining times, overdue cases are often initiated that have been postponed and not resolved for various reasons. At this point there is a return to solving old problems and questions. The event itself may not occur directly in the loop, but is formed in the loop, but occurs after the retrograde phase. Under such conditions, this is the safest scenario to solve problems and develop the situation. When the planet travels three times through a sector of the zodiac, it presents a problem - during the first passage (1) it asks for possible solutions - with one retrograde passage (2) and gives a way out of the situation and a solution in a new way - with the third, direct passage through this the same place (3).

When the inner planets - Mercury and Venus - go retrograde, they begin to connect with the sun. The conjunction of retrograde Mercury or Venus with the Sun is the "lower conjunction" - NS. This is a symbolic new moon, the beginning of its cycles with the sun - a time of awareness of current events on the subject of the planet, its behavior, its mental and communicative approaches (Mercury) or its emotional reactions, values ​​and attachments (Venus). If at this time there are repetitions of past problems, then it is necessary to take into account their cause, and in the place of the "lower link" an answer will come, a new way of solving problems on the subject of the planet will open up, which we can use in the future. From the "lowest link" to the return to directness (SD) phase, all efforts must be directed to solving old cases, paying off debts and ending the persistent problems. In the next phase of the retro loop - from the beginning of the directness to leaving the loop - potentials are currently being recruited, new steps are being prepared, new ideas for Mercury are being considered or emotional preferences, values ​​and ways to achieve inner harmony as well as ethical principles for Venus are being identified . At this stage you need to resolve unresolved problems, relationships that need to be broken as unresolved problems and imperfections move into the next cycle. The conjunction of the sun with direct Mercury or Venus is the "upper conjunction" - BC - the symbolic full moon of the cycle.

When the outer planets - Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto - go retrograde, they begin to oppose the sun. The opposite of the planet to the sun is the symbolic full moon phase in its cycle and an important transit period that requires attention. The sun - "consciousness, individuality" and the principle of the planet - are separated from the poles in our consciousness at this time. This is the climax of the cycle of planet and sun and the climax of the topics and situations of this cycle, a time of awareness of non-constructive approaches, of revising and defining new approaches. This time allows us to see which of our habitual responses and ways of realizing the principle of the planet need to be revised in order to remain adequate and effective.

In retro periods, repeating the action can be successful. For example, the couple had a fictional divorce and they remarried on Retro Mercury. Since then, they have lived in a strong marriage for 21 years.


When analyzing the transit of a personal retro-planet according to the natal chart, the planetary status of the planets should be taken into account. Fast planets are subordinate to slow ones. The personal planet can fulfill the tasks set by the parallel transit of the slow planet, i.e. H. Against the background of the social conditions created by the loops of the slow planets - Jupiter, Saturn, etc. - the opportunity is created to realize the event on a personal level.

It is important to observe during which exact transits of the slow planets the personal planet aspect goes in a retro loop to the natal chart. Take a look at which house on your natal chart is Mercury or Mars in retrograde. Is there a connection with a natal planet, ASC or MC? What aspects will the planets make in the loop and what events will take place in your life? All of these will help you better understand the transit cycle of Mercury and Mars for you personally, and it will be a good hands-on experience studying transits and assimilation of prediction techniques.

● The following are the upcoming retrograde periods for the planets in 2017. Dates and times indicate when the planet will enter a retrograde loop, when it will go retrograde (SR), when it will return to direct motion (SD), and when it will exit a retrograde loop. Degrees and days near (SR) and (SD) are stationary days. Also indicated are the important aspects of the planets throughout the year.

● GMT time. For Kiev we add +2 in winter and +3 in summer, for Moscow +3 all year round.

Declining periods of planets in 2017

Periods of Mercury Retrograde 2017

Every year there are 3-4 declining periods of mercury, and in 2017 there are 3 with a little. Early 2017 marks the end of Mercury's retrograde period, which began on December 19, 2016. The planet will move backwards from Capricorn to Sagittarius and transition to direct movement on January 8th at 9:38 am. There will be three more declining mercury passages in the next few months of the year. Now in more detail about the dates of the onset of the retrograde and the transition to the direct one, as well as the dates of entry and exit from the retro-loops (in the table the designation R-loop).

April 20th at 5:38 pm Retro Mercury returns to Aries
May 03, 2017 at 4:29 pm Mercury will be direct at 24 ° 16 "Aries - SD
May 21, 2017 Mercury exits the R-loop

August 13, 2017 at 01:56 am Mercury retrograde at 11 ° 38 "Virgo - SR
September 5th, 2017 at 11:24 am Mercury directly at 28 ° 25 "Leo - SD

Key aspects of mercury in 2017:

Important aspects of Venus in 2017:

March 25th - Retro Venus connects the sun - "Lower Connection"

Mars will not be retrograde in 2017

The next period of retrograde Mars in 2018 will be from June 26, 2018 at 09 ° 12 "Aquarius to August 27, 2018 at 28 ° 36" Capricorn.

Key aspects of Mars in 2017:

The influence of which planets and combinations of planets will be most evident?
On a global level, one of the most important events of 2017 will be the opposition of retrograde Jupiter in Libra to the conjunction of Mars and Uranus in the 23rd, destructive degree of Aries (this is the degree of discord, slander, minor rivalry, its symbol are three snakes fighting three other snakes). This will happen on February 27th. And on March 1st, the energy of Aries will be strengthened by the moon, which will also reach its destructive degree.

At the same time, Pluto will be in the destructive degree of Capricorn, and even in the Tau square with Mars and Uranus (the Tau square appears at the worst possible moment, complications, stresses). Such a space situation suggests that in late February - early March may lead to the destruction of the old foundations, riots and very weak attempts by the authorities to resolve social conflicts. Terrorist attacks, man-made disasters and natural disasters are not excluded. The impact of the Uranus-Jupiter confrontation will last until March 10th, when space aggression will subside. Militant Mars will move in the area of ​​peaceful Taurus, which means that conflicts can be resolved without much difficulty by amicably reaching an agreement.
By the summer the situation will improve, there will be an opportunity to strengthen well-being and take a break from frequent shocks. But in autumn the planets will come to an arrangement again in such a way that there will be tendencies in society to abandon everything out of date and look for new ideals ...

Uranus - The planet is a rebel, bright and extraordinary. Uranus will also be in the destructive degree of Aries from February 27th. Since this planet has been in the same zodiac sign for about 7 years, it will also stay in one degree for quite a long time - until March 18th, and many of us will have to feel its negative influence. At the household level, this manifests itself in common problems with telephone communication, interruptions in the Internet, equipment failures - with everything that has to do with electricity. In addition, long-term projects starting during this period are likely to fail.

Uranus retrograde period in 2017 - from August 3 to January 2, 2018. It will be a real help to innovators: they will come up with the most unexpected ideas that can be easily implemented. During this time, traditional views are particularly actively revised and habitual patterns broken. If you just want to wait and see, then have something created for you - you have the opportunity to write a real masterpiece (draw, sing, dance)!

Jupiter... Another significant event of the year will be the transition from Jupiter - the planet of great happiness - to Scorpio on October 10th, which will awaken (or intensify) our interest in the secrets of the universe and the deep processes in the soul . As a result, we become more closed, more self-critical and more conscious of our actions. By the way, those born under the sign of Scorpio will now have a golden time: if they stay in their zodiac sign for about a year, they will be incredibly lucky. This is the time to broaden your horizons, create new bonds, and strengthen your cash flows.

Jupiter will be retrograde from February 6th to June 9th (that is, move in the opposite direction relative to Earth). Moving this planet directly means financial success, but moving backwards reverses the situation. Therefore, during this period, it is worthwhile to be very attentive to all monetary issues, not to engage in fraud and not to make large investments.

Mercury. Mercury is a planet responsible for communication, learning, working with information, office work, movement, and others.

In 2017, Mercury will be retrograde four times:

During this time, avoid starting new projects, buying media, shoes, or any means of transportation - cars, bikes, rollers, snowboards, etc. Also, avoid risky business activities and be extremely careful about paperwork, especially financial ones.
These periods are the best times to review a job well done. If something isn't finished, it's time to "pull our tails up" and finish unfinished.
This is not the best time to start your studies: when you start studying retro mercury you will find that information is not well received and you will have to go to great lengths to break this negative trend. Unfortunately, not everyone will succeed.
Conflicts during Mercury's backward movement occur immediately, but go away more slowly than usual. Knowing this feature, choose such a behavioral tactic and look for words that will not hurt the feelings of loved ones.
Note that backward Mercury's "dirty little tricks" pose particular problems for those whose birthdays coincide with its retrograde periods.
The only exceptions will be those for whom Mercury was also retrograde. For such people, this is the time to get into the usual rhythm - they will feel great! It is true that from time to time you should remind yourself that the current time is quite difficult for the people around you and be more patient.

But retro Mercury has its advantages. This is an excellent time to renegotiate existing contracts and deals on new, more favorable terms. replace the old vehicle with a new one (it must be of the same make as the previous one); complete unfinished dissertations, a novel, an autobiography - whatever!

If you are thinking of playing a wedding or getting married, choose a date after the 21st when the Sun and Mercury will enter the sign of Family Cancer.

Venus. - the planet of beauty, love and harmony - retrograde occurs much less often than Mercury, about every year and a half. In 2017, she will step down from March 4 to April 15, thereby slowing the development of events in the areas she controls. First of all, the planet will "freeze" feelings and relationship development.
Getting married / getting married on retro Venus is not recommended: the marriage will be problematic and short-lived, and the wedding celebration itself may turn out to be unreasonably expensive.
You shouldn't start a new relationship: it will be emotionally difficult and soon disappointing.
It is worth avoiding drastic changes in appearance - plastic surgery, hair coloring, haircuts and complex cosmetic procedures run the risk of being unsuccessful.And one more thing: no matter how strong the desire to update your wardrobe (it's still spring!), Do not allow yourself to shop in a big way: most likely, the purchases made now will not bring joy, but no one will give you the money back.
The retrograde time of Venus also has pleasant moments. At this time, former lovers, ex-husbands and wives can remember themselves - the backward planet will make in them a desire to return to those with whom they once parted. Whether or not you give the green light to old relationships is up to you. If you are still inclined to make a positive decision, wait for Venus to move straight again - then the chances of a happy reunion are higher.
The Venus retro period is a great time to return to unfinished crafts and eventually complete them. Restart design or rebrand; Look for gifts, but don't buy them yet.

Saturn. In astrology, the Saturn transit is considered one of the most important: when it changes the zodiac sign in the sky, noticeable changes occur on earth, modern rules of the game are introduced and a new reality is created. In recent years, the "ringed" planet has been stormy: in December 2014, Saturn entered the constellation Sagittarius, then returned to the previous sign of Scorpio and moved again to Sagittarius in September 2015, where it settled until December 2017. The thinker Saturn and Sagittarius, setting new goals for themselves, are another combination: they bring with them a complete overhaul of worldview and philosophical ideas. In such times religions are created, associations of people are created, global beliefs change ... So it is very likely that by December 2017 we will approach very differently - and develop together the new that we have found in ourselves with Saturn already in the sign of the practical Capricorn.

2017 ends with the transition of Saturn to the sign of Capricorn (December 20), which will bring about an even stronger consolidation of power, the strengthening of serious structures and state control over all areas of life. By the way, politicians who came to power during the transition of Saturn to the sign of Capricorn, as a rule, stay at the head of the country for many years.

From April 6th to August 25th, Saturn will be retrograde. Disputes "for life", "for an idea" are absolutely meaningless at this point: people are not prone to discussions. When you find it necessary to do something, do it quietly and persistently, without looking back on public opinion. During this time, it is best to revise your own attitudes and values, gather wisdom, and let the situation take its course.

Eclipses in 2017

In 2017 we will have two solar and two lunar eclipses.
The solar ones will appear on February 26th (8th degree for fish) and on August 21 (29th degree for Leo Leo). On these days, as well as in the three days before and after them, representatives of the signs of Pisces and Leo should be particularly careful in word and deed.

Lunar eclipses occur on February 11th (at 22 degrees Leo) and on August 7 (at 15 degrees Aquarius). As you can see, the lions are supposed to become the "abode" for the eclipses of both lights, but I only focus Aquarius' attention on August.
Solar eclipses amplify the slightest negative and positive vibrations of the day - the events that happen to you on the day of the solar eclipse will follow you until the return of the same solar eclipse, that is, for a complete cycle of 18.5 years. Therefore, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with and adhere to the most important rules of conduct on days of darkness.

On the days of darkness you cannot:

* Start new business;
* get angry, resent, conflicts start;
* perform medical interventions.

On the days of darkness you can:
* Part of the past (throw away old things, go on a weight loss diet, get rid of it
from bad habits);
* cleanse the body (starve, arrange fasts, cleanse yourself of toxins) and the house (do a general cleansing, fumigate the house with incense, walk around with candles or holy water);
* Dream and visualize what you want (it is very important to present the most detailed pictures of what you want as if it already happened - the eclipse will give desire the strongest impetus to act).

Note that February solar eclipses can be accompanied by pleasant unexpected events. Many of these days open up amazing possibilities - it is worth trusting what is happening: very soon, changes for the better will follow!
But with the two eclipses in August, not everything is so positive. You risk exposing our fatigue and exacerbating our health problems. If possible, plan your vacation for August.

There will be many notable changes and controversial events in 2017. Disputes and conflicts are expected in the first half of the year, but from May to early autumn everything will return to normal.


Location of the lunar nodes in 2017

The ascending knot in Virgo and the descending knot in Pisces by May 9, 2017 according to Leo - Aquarius.

A successful time for the implementation of scientific projects and ideas, technical inventions and experiments in various areas. In 2017, employees who are punctual, disciplined and professionally suitable for their tasks are particularly valued.

Under the influence of the planet, creative tasks and everything that contributes to external and spiritual development will be of the utmost importance. If there is an ascending node in Leo, then you need to communicate more with children, attend holidays and corporate parties. If a person has a creative lead, they need to show it at this point. The state task in 2017 is to increase the birth rate of the population, educate the younger generation, organize cultural and sporting events.

Location of the planet Saturn in 2017

The planet Saturn will be under the sign of Sagittarius in 2017. This includes the imposition of a ban on traveling abroad, migration and work sanctions as well as strict control over every move. The state under the influence of the planet Saturn will make its own adjustments to the program. Numerous reviews of the educational system, thorough preparation for exams and theses are expected. Saturn will move into Capricorn on December 20th, which will affect political aspects and personalities in leadership positions. Experienced strategists will appear in public who competently manage the state and come out and become world leaders.

Location of the planet Jupiter in 2017

The planet Jupiter will be in Libra by October 10th. Thanks to this, peace and harmony are restored in society and in individual families. Diplomats and lawyers will do particularly well during the planet's movement in 2017. All innovations and laws will lead to favorable consequences. Creative personalities as well as actors, musicians and designers become famous and receive public recognition. In the sign of Scorpio, the planet Jupiter will move on October 10, 2017. Many traditions change dramatically, which affects a person's worldview and attitude towards familiar things. A reassessment of the values ​​and prioritization is possible in December.

Location of the black moon in 2017

Until February 13, 2017, the black moon is under the sign of Scorpio. Perhaps the manifestation of the most negative human traits, criminal showdowns and increasing crime. Actions can target debauchery and sexual perversion. Under the influence of the Black Moon planet, magicians and sorcerers are activated and release negative energy. Although such work with "vampires" is far from safe at this time. The Black Moon visits Sagittarius on February 14, 2017. Ideological principles are starting to change, not for the better. Adventures are possible and
Machinations and meetings with false teachers and sectarians.

At this point, it is recommended to limit yourself to travel, communication with energetically "heavy" people and to cancel the move for a permanent stay abroad. Close relationships and correspondence with foreigners will bring a lot of disappointment.

The Black Moon Planet will enter Capricorn on November 9, 2017. Big campaign leaders and statesmen can be too confident, aggressive, and even cruel towards people. The emergence of a military dictatorship during this period cannot be ruled out.

Location of the White Moon in 2017

Until June 16, 2017, the white moon is under the sign of Taurus. The planet's impact on individuals and entire states is very positive. Many become kinder, more generous and not only help themselves but also other people to strengthen their financial position. The economic situation in the world stabilizes from January to July. People feel more relaxed, more self-confident and independent of material values.
After June 16, 2017 the planet White Moon will be "visiting" in Gemini. A good time for dating, business contacts and working with the media. You can study, improve your skills, and gather new information.

Location of the planet Uranus in 2017

The movement of the planet in 2017 Uranus will take place in Aries. This is fraught with many changes and problems in both the political and public spheres. Natural disasters and conflicts at the military level are possible. But during this period, many will feel independent and seek new relationships. Conflicts, aggression, demonstrations, explosions and natural disasters are not excluded. Uranus will be in the destructive degree of Aries from February 27th to March 18th. At this point, you need to be extremely careful in all areas of life.

Location of the planet Neptune in 2017

During the time that the planet Neptune is in Pisces, it will be crowned by numerous successes and spiritual growth. Changes in religious beliefs are possible, as is the emergence of trust in the future. Until May 9, 2017, the descending knot is under the sign of Pisces, the moral image, morality and inner transformation must be put in the foreground. All of this will help strengthen both the professional base and personal life. The influence of the planet Neptune can be felt during the settlement of human relationships and the pursuit of a favorite hobby.

Location of the planet Pluto in 2017

Dramatic political changes will occur around the time the planet Pluto will be in Capricorn in 2017. Re-election campaigns, conflicts between heads of state and new hires in management positions are possible. However, some changes will improve the situation in the country. Pluto will have a negative Capricorn grade from February 2nd to March 11th. Serious disasters will occur and the political situation will escalate to the limit.

Dance of the Planets September 18, 2017

There will be many unusual events in 2017, one of which will take place on September 18th. At this point the moon will cover 4 planets: Regulus, Venus, Mercury and Mars. In Russia (in the European part) you can watch the original "dance of the planets" in the sky - a rare and beautiful sight. In terms of size, of course, this star phenomenon is not related to the parade of planets, but it also makes an indelible impression.

Starfall January 18, 2017

It is best to observe this phenomenon outside of the city - in an open area and under a clear, starry sky. In this case, the light from comets and meteorites does not hide behind the illumination of the city streets. One of the brightest in 2017 will be the light from asteroid West on January 18th. It can be seen in the sign of Cancer.
In December 2017, the light from Ceres, which is under the sign of Leo, will be particularly bright and visible. You can also watch the heavenly brilliance of Lip, Metis, Eunomius and Irene.
The Lyrid Meteorite can be observed in April, Orionis in October, Leonida in November and Geminida in December 2017.

The sign of the people - wishing for a "falling" star is always relevant and in all weathers. Therefore, in 2017 - in spring and autumn - do not be afraid of getting caught in the rain of the stars and sending your innermost dream into space.

How the planets move and what the movement of the planets will bring with it each month in 2017. Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury are configurations and retrograde periods in the year of the Fire Rooster according to the signs of the zodiac by months.

So: January 2017
The sun is at the center of the system and will be present in Capricorn in January 2017. This sign gives diligence in work and coolness in relationships with people. From January 20th (midnight) the sun will move towards Aquarius. At 09:44 - January 7, 2017, it will be connected to the planet Pluto.

Mercury: January 2017
At the beginning of the month, Mercury doesn't stay in Sagittarius for long, but this planet moves in Capricorn for most of January:
- January 12th - 5:03 pm;
- January 29th - 11:21 pm - Conjunction of Pluto with Mercury

Venus: January 2017
Venus is considered the planet of beauty and love:
- from January 1st to 2nd - stay in Aquarius;
- from January 3rd to 10:46 am, the movement of the planet in 2017 will be observed in Pisces;
- January 13th - 00:53 - Venus connects Neptune

Mars: January 2017
Mars is in the same location as Venus this month and then switches to Aries:
- January 28 - 8:38 am;
- on New Years Day and January 1st at 9:52 a.m. - Mars connects with Neptune

Jupiter: January 2017
Jupiter - the planet of happiness - will be in Libra for the whole month. It is only clearly visible in the sky early in the morning.

Saturn: January 2017
Sagittarius is the movement of the planet in January 2017

Planetary motions in 2017: February

So: February 2017
This month the sun will spend most of its time in Aquarius - an original and creative sign:
- February 18 - 2:31 pm - moves to Pisces

Eclipses are expected in February 2017:
- Solnechnoye: February 26 - at 2:53 p.m. (Moscow time). It can be seen in South America, Chile, Angola, Argentina, and across the Atlantic. There is no solar eclipse to be seen in Russia.
- Moon: found in Leo. Observed on February 11th - at 3:35 a.m. in Moscow and in the European part of our country

Mercury: February 2017
Only on February 7th at 12:35 p.m. Mercury will go into Aquarius, and up to this point the movement of the planet in 2017 will take place under the sign of Capricorn:
- At the end of February - 02:26, ​​it turns into Pisces

Mars: February 2017
The merger of the two planets Mars and Uranus in February will take place on the 27th at 03:19 a.m.:
- the same day - 17:24 - connection with Jupiter;
- Mars is in Aries for most of February

Venus: February 2017
On February 1st and 2nd, 2017 the beautiful Venus is in Pisces:
- from 3:00 p.m. to 6:50 p.m. - entry into the sign of Aries until the end of February, immediately after the day of the spring equinox

Saturn and Jupiter: February 2017
Saturn will be in Sagittarius and Jupiter in February 2017 - Libra

So: March 2017
In the mysterious sign of Pisces, the sun stays for most of March:
- 20th day - 13:28 - day of the spring equinox, which opens the next calendar year. The transition from the sun to Aries takes place;
- March 2nd - 5:43 am - Sun on planet Neptune

Mercury: March 2017
At the beginning of the month, the movement of the planet in 2017, Mercury appears in Pisces and then passes into Aries immediately after the vernal equinox (March 14th at midnight). In this sign Mercury will be through March 31st:
- March 4th - 9th 14th - there is an influence with Neptune;
- March 18th - 3:26 pm - passes to Venus;
- March 24th - 3:44 pm - Since Mercury is in Aries, it creates resistance against Jupiter.
- March 26th - 6:05 pm - connection with Uranus

Venus: March 2017
Venus will begin crossing Aries in early March 2017. An interesting sight will be on Jan.March observes when the planet of beauty and love begins its march between sun and earth. It seems that Venus is going backwards. In fact, this is the retrograde motion of the planet in 2017 Aries through the end of March:
- March 25th - 1:16 pm - The lower merging of Venus with the sun and earth will take place

Mars: March 2017
A retrograde motion of Mars is not observed this month. He feels great in his "home" and in the company of Aries:
- March 10th - 03:33 - Connection with Taurus

Jupiter: March 2017
As early as February 2017, Jupiter made a retrograde application and is in Libra in March. It can be observed at night:
- March 3rd - 04:15 - The confrontation between Jupiter and Uranus will take place.
- March 30th - 9:19 pm - Connection with Pluto at right angles

Saturn: March 2017
This planet will move in Sagittarius all month

So: April 2017
The sun will be under Aries for most of April:
- April 20 - 12:27 am - connection with Taurus;
- April 14th - 8:30 a.m. - Planetary Movement 2017 with Uranus

Mercury: April 2017
In the sign of Taurus, Mercury will be the trading planet from the beginning of April:
- April 10th - retrograde motion between the sun and earth;
- April 20 - 8:36 p.m. - connection with the sign of Aries;
- April 20th - 8:53 am - Lower confluence of Mercury with the Sun.

Venus: April 2017
Venus will be retrograde in the first few days of the month:
- April 3 - 3:25 am - connection with fishing;
- From April 9th, Venus will bypass Earth significantly and on April 16th it will begin its direct path and stop in Pisces.
- April 28 - 16:13 - the day of the vernal equinox and merging with Aries;
- April 17th - 04:26 am - dense connection of the planet with Mars

Mars: April 2017
By the middle of the month, the movement of the planet 2017 will be in Taurus:
- April 21st - 1:31 pm - Mars merges with twins

Jupiter: April 2017
This month the opposition of Jupiter with the Sun takes place - on the night of April 8th at 12:39 am. Jupiter can be observed at sunset and at night. He will walk in Libra

Saturn: April 2017
The earth will bypass Saturn in early April 2017:
- April 6th - The planet is going retrograde and going into Sagittarius

Sun: May 2017
For the main part of May 2017, the sun is in a practical Taurus:
- May 20-23: 31 - The connection of the sun with the twins will take place

Mercury: May 2017

In the first days of May, Mercury will move the planets in 2017 calmly but confidently:
- May 4th - will be in decline;
- May 16 - 7:06 am - Mercury with Taurus until the last day of the month

Venus: May 2017
Venus will be in Aries by the end of the month. It becomes active and regressive, but does not change its "partner" for a long time:
- 19.-17. May: 11 - Venus is in confrontation with Jupiter

Mars: May 2017
In May 2017 Mars "visited" Gemini:
- May 29th - at 9:54 am - confrontation with the planet Saturn

Jupiter: May 2017
In the sky, Jupiter can be seen late at night and on dark nights. He slowed down in Libra in May 2017

Saturn: May 2017
Saturn is clearly visible in the southern part at night in May 2017. This planet goes through Sagittarius for the whole month.

So: June 2017
In sociable and energetic twins, the sun stays for most of June 2017:
- Jun 21 - 7:24 am - summer solstice, association with cancer

Mercury: June 2017
At the beginning of May 2017, Mercury will be in Taurus:
- Jun 7 - 1:15 a.m. - The movement of the planet in 2017 will be through Gemini until the end of the solstice.
- June 21st - 12:57 pm - Mercury connects with Cancer;
- June 18th - July 22nd - confrontation with the planet Saturn;
- June 28th - 10:50 pm - merger with Mars;
- June 30th - 3:35 am - Mercury will oppose Pluto

Venus: June 2017
At the beginning of June, Venus will be in Aries:
- June 6th - 10:26 am - connection with the planet Taurus;
- June 3 - 10:31 am - the confluence of Venus and Uranus;
- 9.-18. June: 40 - harmonious connection with mighty Mars

Mars: June 2017
At the beginning of June 2017, Mars will border on the point of the summer solstice. End of the month "Visits" in Gemini:
- June 4th - 7:15 pm - Mars connects to Cancer

Jupiter: June 2017
In June, Jupiter is perfectly visible in the sky in the evening. When the day is long it is true to watch this planet. Jupiter is far from Earth, which has far overtaken him:
- June 10th - Stop and merge with Libra and the movement of the planet in 2017 in space

Saturn: June 2017
On a short night in June 2017, Saturn is clearly visible in the sky. It is in the sign of Sagittarius:
- June 15 - 1:17 pm - Opposition of Saturn with the sun

So: July 2017
The sun will remain in mysterious and delicate Cancer for most of July 2017:
- July 22nd - 6:14 pm - Sun and Leo will merge;
- July 10th - 7:35 am - Confrontation with Pluto

Mercury: July 2017
At the beginning of July 2017, Merkur will visit Krebs. This planet will shoot forward from the sun:
- July 6th - 3:45 am - Mercury will connect with Leo and attract attention in the west in the evening;
- July 26 - 02:41 - The planet will merge with Virgo

Venus: July 2017
The movement of the planet in early July 2017 will take place under the constellation Algol and in association with Taurus.
- July 5th - 3:11 am - The merger of Venus and Gemini will occur through the star Pleiade.
- July 31 - 17:53 - is in Cancer and concerns the summer solstice;
- July 24th - 5:53 pm - Fusion with the planet Saturn

Mars: July 2017
In the first two weeks of July 2017, Mars is in Cancer:
- July 20th - 3:19 pm - is in Leo;
- July 27th - 3:56 am - Mars can be observed for the sun;
- July 2nd - 3:01 pm - Confrontation with Pluto

Jupiter: July 2017
This planet can be seen in the July sky at the beginning of the night. Then in 2017 the movement of the planet, Jupiter, will begin, which will gradually connect with Libra.

Saturn: July 2017
Saturn is in Sagittarius and is visible in the sky in a short night.

Planetary motions in 2017: August

So: August 2017
The sun is in Leo at the beginning of the month and visits Virgo on August 23 at 1:20 a.m. The 2017 solar eclipse is observed in the middle of summer - August 21. It can be clearly seen in the west - more precisely in America between Seattle and Portland. The August 2017 solar eclipse runs smoothly into the Atlantic through Missouri, Idaho, Nebraska, Wyoming, Kentucky and North Carolina.

Moon: August 2017
The moon "stays" for 2 days in each zodiac sign, so that in 27 days in August 2017 it will have time to visit all of them. The lunar eclipse will be observed on August 7, 2017. It is perfectly visible in Siberia, the Far East and the Urals. In Moscow, the lunar eclipse will coincide with its rising, so it will be poorly visible in the central regions of Russia.

Mercury: August 2017
In early August, the planet's movement in 2017, Mercury, will allow this planet to move east of the sun. You can observe this planet in the west in the late evening. Mercury will stay in Virgo until the end of August:
- August 13th - Mercury retrograde "journey";
- August 31 - 6:26 pm - Mercury will unite with Leo;
- August 26th - 11:42 pm - lower passage and merging of the sun and earth

Venus: August 2017
At the beginning of August 2017 Venus will "visit" Cancer:
- August 26th - 7:29 am - will connect with Leo;
- August 15 - 2:16 p.m. - Opposition between Venus and Pleton

Mars: August 2017
In August 2017, Mars will bathe in the rays of the hot sun and then obediently follow the imperious Leo until the end of the month.

Jupiter: August 2017
Jupiter in August 2017 is poorly visible in the sky, and then go to Libra:
- August 5th - is perpendicular to Pluto

Saturn: August 2017
In the evening, Saturn is especially visible in the sky, which is in Sagittarius.

Sun: September 2017
Planetary motion in September 2017 is in Virgo. The autumnal equinox begins on September 22nd - 11:01 pm when the sun visits Libra:
- September 5th - 8:28 am - Opposition to Neptune

Mercury: September 2017
In September 2017, Mercury's retrograde movement begins with Leo. On September 5th, the planet takes a little "break" on the way and continues. Mercury is clearly visible in the sky in the southwest in the early morning:
- September 10 - 5:51 am - connection with Virgo;
- September 30 - 03:42 - the point of the autumn equinox and the merging with Libra;
- September 3rd - 12:37 pm - retrograde conjunction of Mars and Mercury;
- September 16 - 22:01 - Mercury catches up with the militant Mars;
- September 20th - 06:49 - Confrontation with Neptune

Venus: September 2017
In early September 2017, Venus will be inside a Leo. It is perfectly visible at early dawn in the east and in the evening in the southeast:
- September 20 - 03:15 - merging with the sign of the Virgin;
- September 30th - 3:11 am - confrontation with Neptune

Mars: September 2017
Mars is "in friendship" with Leo at the beginning of September:
- The movement of the planet in 2017 on September 5th at 12:34 p.m. is already in the company of Virgo
- September 24th - 10:49 pm - confrontation with Neptune

Saturn and Jupiter: September 2017
The planet Jupiter will remain in the sign of Libra until the end of September 2017. The planet is clearly visible at the beginning of the night:
- September 28th - 07:24 am - Jupiter's opposition to Uranus, when the planet will "visit" Sagittarius

So: October 2017
In early October, the sun will be in the company of a calm and friendly Libra:
- October 23 - 8:26 am - connection with the mysterious Scorpio;
- October 19 - 8:34 p.m. - Sun's opposition to Uranus

Mercury: October 2017
On September 30th, Mercury will unite with Libra and quickly approach the Sun at the crack of dawn:
- October 9th - Mercury will close the sun so that the upper merger will take place;
- October 17th - 10:58 am - connection with Scorpio until the end of October 2017:
- October 15 - 10:51 am - opposition with Uranus;
- October 18 - 11:54 - the movement of the planet in 2017 Mercury, which together with Jupiter will be with Scorpio

Venus: October 2017
In the early morning, the planet Venus is clearly visible in the southeast and east. Venus lives in the zodiac sign Virgo and Mars is visible on her left:
- October 5th - 7:52 pm - Day of Love, when Mars and Venus unite;
- October 14th - 1:10 p.m. - confluence of Venus with Libra and the highest point of the autumn equinox

Mars: October 2017
The movement of the planet in 2017 continues in collaboration with Virgo. Mars is perfectly visible in the sky early in the morning:
October 22nd - 9:29 pm - Fall Equinox and Mars meet Libra

Saturn and Jupiter: October 2017
A major astronomical event is expected in October 2017, in which Saturn and Jupiter will take part:
- October 10th - at 4:19 pm - Jupiter leaves Libra and takes a place next to Scorpio.
- October 26th - 9:09 pm - Jupiter will close the sun with which it will merge and Saturn will continue its march in the company of Sagittarius

So: November 2017
The spirited Scorpio will follow on the heels of the shining sun:
- November 22nd - 6:04 a.m. - Connection of the sun with Sagittarius

Mercury: November 2017
The planet moves confidently forward with Scorpio. The sun stays behind these planets:
- November 5th - 10:18 pm - The movement of the planet in 2017 will take place together with Sagittarius.
- November 3rd - Mercury will face the sun and continue its retrograde motion.
- November 28th - 9:58 am - merging with Saturn

Venus: November 2017
The planet of love and beauty is visible in the southeast and east in the early morning. It is under the sign of Libra:
- November 7th - 2:38 pm - The fusion of Venus with the spirited Scorpio will take place throughout November.
- from December 1 - Venus to connect with Sagittarius;
- November 4th - 8:02 am - confrontation with Uranus;
- November 13th - 11:15 am - a happy and rare merger of the two planets Venus and Jupiter

Mars: November 2017
In November 2017, the planet begins to move in 2017 with Libra. This planet is clearly visible in the southeast and east in the early morning. The opposition between Mars and Libra will be observed in November 2017 - a good sign.

Jupiter: November 2017
Already in October Jupiter "befriended" Scorpio, so in November 2017 it will continue its path in orbit together with this sign.

Saturn: November 2017
Saturn will be in the company of Sagittarius:
- November 11th - 12:44 pm - The planet will win Uranus and make a good angle with this planet

So: December 2017
An active and cheerful Sagittarius will accompany the sun in December 2017:
- December 21st - 7:27 pm - winter solstice, after which the planet will connect with Capricorn

Mercury: December 2017
Mercury is in Sagittarius and on December 3, 2017 the planet's retrograde movement towards the sun will continue until the 22nd:
- December 6th - 3:05 pm - Mercury's connection with Saturn;
- December 13th - the passage between the sun and earth;
- December 13th - 04:48 - Conjunction (below) of Mercury, Sun and Earth;
- December 15th - 5:08 pm - "amorous" fusion of Mercury with Venus

Venus: December 2017
In early December, Venus will connect with Sagittarius. It is difficult to see because it is covered by the sun's rays:
- December 25th - 8:25 am - winter solstice and then the transition of Venus to the sign of Capricorn;
- December 25th - 8:54 pm - the fusion of the beautiful planet with Saturn

Mars: December 2017
At the beginning of December 2017, Mars will be dominated by Libra. It is clearly visible in the early morning in the southeast and east:
- December 9th - 11:59 am - connection of Mars with Scorpio;
- December 1st - 13:05 - opposition with Uranus

Jupiter: December 2017
The movement of the planet in 2017 can be observed in the company of a passionate Scorpio. Jupiter is perfectly visible in the sky in the morning - in the southeast:
- December 3rd - 05:19 am - successful merger of Jupiter with Neptune;

Saturn: December 2017
Together with the sun - December 20, 2017 - Saturn reaches the highest point of the winter solstice - a rare and important astronomical event:
- December 20th - 7:48 am - merger with Capricorn;
- December 22nd - 00:08 - Saturn's connection with the sun

Helpful advice

This calendar contains the main astrological events that will take place in the year of the beginning of the Rooster January 28, 2017 and will end 15th February 2018... the element of the new year - Firewas the same item in monkey that gave way to the rooster. This means that the year is likely to be quite active and full of different events.

According to the Eastern calendar, the rooster is an uncomplicated bird, quite hardworking and enterprising, so these traits will help you achieve success and bring the fulfillment of wishes closer.

This year only from the slow planets Jupiter (October 10, 2017) and Saturn (20th December 2017). Jupiter is in a sign for about a year, Saturn - 2.5-3 years. The higher planets will not change their signs yet.

During this time there will be several stellium or planet cluster: In March and September in the sign of Aries and accordingly Virgo will meet 5 planets.

And in the second half January 2018 In the sign of Capricorn there are 6 planets at the same time! Stellia are important enough to interpret the events and moods of that time, for in one sign whole strong energywhat is supported by the conjunction of the planets.

Declining planets in 2017:

planetDeclining periodStatic periods
Mercury until January 8th January 6th to 9th
April 10th - May 3rd April 8th to 11th, May 1st to 4th
August 13th - September 5th 11-14 August 3rd-6th September
December 3rd to 23rd December 1st to 4th, December 21st to 24th
Venus March 4th - April 15th March 1st to 6th, April 12th to 17th
Mars - -
Jupiter February 6th - June 9th February 2nd to 10th, June 5th to 13th
Saturn April 6th - August 25th April 2-10, August 21-29
Uranus August 3 - January 2, 2018 July 31 - August 7, December 30, December 31
Neptune June 16 - November 22 12-20 June 18-26 November
Pluto April 20th - September 28th 16. to 24.April 24th to October 2nd

Astrological calendar for 2017


The first month of the year of the Rooster is notable for two eclipses that will take place 11 (Penumbral lunar eclipse) and 26 (Annular solar eclipse) February. These two astrological events two weeks apart will create the so-called "Corridor of Eclipses", the events of which can be fatal in many ways.

This month you should pay special attention signs and eventsbecause they can seriously affect your future.

For more information on eclipses and their uses, see the article Astrological Magic: The Influence of Eclipses and Using It to Your Benefit

This month is also quite stressful due to the negative aspects of some planets that will be in line complex configurations... Pay special attention to the end of the month: February 24-27 - the most stressful days, a threat to your well-being, happiness and health!

This month is going to be pretty slow for Venus, which is already in early March will be declining... Therefore, after entering the sign of Aries, she will practically not do any aspects, which is unfavorable for her.

Mercury changes sign twice, but most of the month still follows sign Aquariusthis will bring a lot of non-standard solutions and original ideas.

Strong Mars in Aries It will not particularly excite us with aspects and bring high tension, irritability and all kinds of health problems due to impulsiveness and hasty actions.

Read more about FEBRUARY in the article Star clues: Astrological forecast for February 2017.

dateeventTime (moscow)Degree
3 February Venus enters the shield Aries 18:51
February 6th Jupiter is going retrograde 09:52 23 ° 08'Rx
February 7th 12:35
February 11th Full moon. Penumbral lunar eclipse 04:43 22 ° ♌ 28 ′
February 18 The sun will move into the sign of Pisces 14:31
February 26th Mercury passes into fish 02:07
February 26th New moon. Annular solar eclipse 17:58 8 ° ♓12 ′

MARCH 2017

It will be repeated at the beginning of March opposition Jupiter-Uranuswhat happened in the end December, anticipate some very tragic events. Every aspect involving Uranus speaks of the unexpectedness of the events, and negative aspects indicate that these events are negative and even destructive.

The events that took place at the time the Aspect was first lined up (December) will develop into Marchand finally, for the third time, Uranus and Jupiter will be in opposition end of September 2017when past events can make themselves felt again.

At the end of the month, Jupiter will be in negative aspect for Pluto... This is another rather strong destructive aspect that will bring changes, transformations and new experiences. This aspect can indicate the destruction of old foundations and principles.

Another important event in March can be named reversal of Venus in retrograde motion... In addition, their position in Aries will make them very weak, so all matters related to Venus will not work properly. In particular, we do not recommend getting married in the next month.

In Aries a little later this month there will be too Sun and mercurySo the month promises to be pretty active. In March it will be possible to observe the first asterisk (planet cluster) of the year in the sign of Aries, where 5 planets will gather.

dateeventTime (moscow)Degree
3 March Retro Jupiter will be against Uranus 04:15 22 ° ♎ 11'Rx
22 ° ♈ 11 ′
4th of March Venus goes retrograde 12:09 13 ° ♈ 09 ′ Rx
March 10th Mars enters Taurus 03:34
March 12th Full moon 17:54 22 ° ♍ 13 ′
the 14th of March Mercury passes into Aries 00:07
March, 20th The sun changes into the sign of Aries. Astrological New Year. 13:29
28th March new moon 06:57 7 ° ♈ 37 ′
March 30 Retro Jupiter in the square of Pluto 22:19 19 ° ♎ 17'Rx
19 ° ♑ 17 '
March 31 21:30

APRIL 2017

Venus will be in Pisces for most of the month, so your feelings can be great strong and bright... However, the first half of April will be in decline, and already 15 numbers turns in the usual direction. This means that the speed of Venus will be pretty slow this month. During this time, you will find it difficult to monitor your emotions. There will be a desire to change something, especially in your personal life.

Venus will not have time to get out of retrograde motion as Mercury is going retrograde. From April 10th and by the end of the month it is better not to plan important matters related to large purchases, signing important documents, etc.

Pluto retrograde less noticeable, but it's also worth noting that this planet will be retrograde in April.

dateeventTime (moscow)Degree
3rd of April Retrograde Venus enters the shield fishes 03:25
April 6 Saturn is going retrograde 08:05 27 ° ♐48'Rx
10th of April 02:14 4 ° ♉51 ′ Rx
11 April Full moon 09:08 21 ° ♎ 33 ′
April 15th Venus becomes direct 13:17 26 ° ♓ 15'D
20th of April The sun changes into the sign of Taurus 00:27
20th of April Pluto is going retrograde 15:48 19 ° ♑ 24'Rx
20th of April Declining transitions from mercury to Aries 20:37
April 21st Mars transitions to Gemini 13:34
26th of April new moon 15:16 6 ° ♉ 27 ′
April 28th Venus enters the sign of Aries 16:13

May 2017

At the beginning of May, Mercury will still be quite slow, although this will already be the case on May 3rd will come from the retro movementHowever, you should not start any new important business relating to Mercury. in the first week of the month (Postponing the trip, big purchases, important negotiations and signing of important documents).

In the middle of the month, two planets have completely different energies Saturn and Uranus will be in a favorable aspect. In the initial phase of the formation of the aspect, Mercury will also join them who will be in connection with Uranus in Aries... This is not the first trine of the planets. The first time in such a position of the planet began in December 2016. This situation could indicate that some (and in this case the evolution) are occurring new and unusual ideaWhat can be applied in the right area is going to be a breakthrough and a lot of talk.

The persistence in achieving goals that Saturn gives is associated with unpredictability and the generation of new unique ideas from Uranus. Use this time to implement yours the most daring ideas, Work on creating something completely new because you will be successful.

Read more about MAE in the article Star clues: Astrological forecast for May 2017

dateeventTime (moscow)Degree
May 3 19:33 24 ° ♈ 16'D
May 11th Full moon 00:42 20 ° ♏ 24 ′
May 16 Mercury turns into Taurus 07:07
May 19 Saturn trine Uranus 09:14 26 ° ♐ 23'Rx 26 ° ♈ 23 ′
May 20th The sun changes into the sign of Gemini 23:31
25. May new moon 22:44 4 ° ♊ 47 ′


Astrological year 2017

June 2017

At the beginning of the month, Mars will be rather weak cancer... At this point our activity will be closely related to emotions. Even the family life of many may not be too quiet, we will spend a lot of time and energy on family and household chores. This is a good time for family vacations, but not for work.

June 7-21 Mercury will be in Gemini's home sign. This is a great time for dating, communication, negotiation, and new knowledge. It is in June that most of the trials take place, and those with high enough mercury in their chart will be able to cope with it easily any tasks... The interest in new knowledge will also increase at this point. Therefore, now is the perfect time to enroll in courses of interest to you, to buy books, or to listen to lectures.

Read more about JUNE in the article Star clues: Astrological forecast for June 2017

date event Time (moscow) Degree
June 4th Mars turns into cancer 19:16
6th of June Venus enters the shield bull 10:26
June 7th Mercury passes into Gemini 01:15
June 9th Full moon 16:10 18 ° ♐ 53 ′
June 9th Jupiter is going straight 17:03 13 ° ♎13'D
June 16 Neptune goes retrograde 14:09 14 ° ♓16'Rx
June 21st The sun changes to cancer 07:24
June 21st Mercury turns into cancer 12:57
June 24th new moon 05:31 2 ° ♋ 47 ′

JULY 2017

Venus in Gemini will help us establish a simple and relaxed relationship. It's time for fun rides pleasant conversation and long conversations on various topics.

However, Mars in Cancer squared Uranus can bring some unpredictable reactions and impulsive actions into our life, this shouldn't seriously affect our feelings. Those who suffer from nervous diseases may not be feeling well. Even the calmest of us can feel anxious and irritable.

With the transition Mars as Leo The situation will change. Now some fear and passivity are being replaced with activity and initiative. There comes a time when you can continue to pursue your goal of being active, assertive, and even arrogant somewhere. Mars in Leo does not like uncertainty and doubt, sets itself a clear goal, outlines the exact ways to get there and is sure of success.

Read more about JULY in the article Star clues: Astrological forecast for July 2017

date event Time (moscow) Degree
5th July Venus enters the shield Twins 03:11
July 6th Mercury passes into Leo 03:20
July 9 Full moon 07:07 17 ° ♑ 09 ′
20th of July Mars passes into Leo 15:19
22nd of July The sun changes to Leo 18:15
July 23 new moon 12:46 0 ° ♌ 44 ′
July 26th 02:41
July 31 Venus enters the shield cancer 17:54


This month we will see two more eclipses occurring every two weeks: August 7th and 21st. Lunar eclipse on August 7th is supported by several favorable aspects, so that all events that are affected by it promise favorable results. If some rather unpleasant events happen to you these days, try to be creative. During a lunar eclipse, it is good to think about what you want to get rid of, what has outlived itself, what you no longer need.

Solar eclipse on August 21st is practically not observed in Russia, but it has astrological significance for all inhabitants of the earth. This solar eclipse will take place under the sign of Leo, which means that it also gives an indication that many problems can be solved with the help of creativity and confidence.

13 August Mercury again will be decliningSo, think about the likelihood of all sorts of problems and mistakes when shopping, signing important documents, or conducting important negotiations.

Read more about AUGUST in the article Star clues: Astrological forecast for August 2017

date event Time (moscow) Degree
3rd August Uranus is going retrograde 08:31 28 ° ♈ 32'Rx
4th of August Jupiter square Pluto 21:48 17 ° ♎ 32 ′
17 ° ♑ 32'Rx
August 7th Full moon. Partial lunar eclipse 21:11 15 ° ♒ 25 ′
13 August Mercury is declining 04:00 11 ° ♍ 38 ′ Rx
August 21 New moon. Total solar eclipse 21:30 28 ° ♌ 53 ′
August 25 Saturn becomes direct 15:08 21 ° ♐ 11'D
August 23 The sun changes to the Virgo 01:20
26th of August Venus enters the shield lion 07:30
August 27th Jupiter sextile Saturn 15:15 21 ° ♎ 11 ′
21 ° ♐11 ′
August 31 Declining mercury passes into Leo 18:28

Astrological calendar 2017


On first week of September You still need to be careful with important documents and large purchases. September 10 Mercury will enter virgin signwhere it feels like a fish in the water. This is the time for hard work, accurate and clear information, specific goals. The issues of work and health will now be particularly relevant.

At all virgin signuntil September 20th will be particularly "populated", so during this time everything should come in a certain order, things will be built according to a logical scenario and feelings will be reserved and specific.

over on September 20th from 4 a.m. to 1 p.m. Virgo will "stay" 5 planets at the same time... Similar star planets not so often do they collect the energy of a sign in one place and spread the properties of the sign to different areas of life. A child born during this time will be 100% virgin in every way, for all personal planets will be in the sign of Virgo!

Another important event in September can be mentioned jupiter's passage against Uranus, a repetitive aspect that ended up taking shape in the sky December 2016 and March 2017... This is the end of the Jupiter-Uranus loop, so the events of this period can be taken from the past and appear as if the events that started in the past have ended.

date event Time (moscow) Degree
5th September Mars turns into Virgo 12:35
5th September Mercury gets direct 14:29 28 ° ♌ 25'D
September 6th Full moon 10:03 13 ° ♓ 53 ′
September 10 Mercury changes to Virgo 05:52
September 20th Venus enters the shield Virgin 04:15
September 20th new moon 08:30 27 ° ♍ 27 ′
September 22 The sun changes to the scales 23:02
September 28th Jupiter versus Uranus Retrograde 07:25 27 ° ♎ 22 ′
27 ° ♈ 22'Rx
September 28th Pluto becomes direct 22:36 16 ° ♑ 51'D
30. September Mercury goes into Libra 03:42


This month Jupiter will leave the strong to themselves libra sign and go to Scorpiothat will stay for about a year. This time will not be easy to achieve goals, it will be favorable for people who aim for great perspectives and love diligence and research. Not everyone will be successful. All mystery can come to the surface, and changes and transformations in society will not be long in coming.

Venus will follow the sign of Libra, which is related to all possible events beauty and relationships... For example, this is a good time to get married. Mars will enter Libra a little later. October 22ndand that's a rather weak sign for him. During this time, activity and excitement will wane and many of us will need a partner or other people to help us make important decisions.

date event Time (moscow) Degree
5th October Full moon 21:40 12 ° ♈ 43 ′
October 10th Jupiter changes into the sign of Scorpio 16:20
October 14th Venus enters the scales 13:11
October 17th Mercury changes into the sign of Scorpio 10:58
October 19th new moon 22:12 26 ° ♎ 35 ′
October 22nd Mars goes into Libra 21:29
23rd October The sun changes into the sign of Scorpio 08:27


In November the favorable aspect is repeated between Saturn and Uranuswhich formed first in December 2016, then in May 2017... The events that could have started in December continued in May and can now be brought to a successful conclusion. As mentioned earlier, the positive aspect between Uranus and Saturn favors the introduction of new progressive ideas and their successful implementation in practice.

November 7th For them, Venus will be in the unpleasant sign of Scorpio, which means that the time for passions will come and come strong love experiences... In a week, Venus will connect with Jupiter, and this is a very auspicious time, and a lot will turn out exactly as you dream it. This time is very favorable for love relationships, and the Scorpio sign will give more passion.

date event Time (moscow) Degree
November 4th Full moon 08:23 11 ° ♉ 59 ′
November 5th Mercury changes to Sagittarius 22:19
November 7th Venus enters the shield Scorpio 14:38
November 11th Saturn trine Uranus retrograde 12:45 25 ° ♐ 38 ′
25 ° ♈ 38 ′
November 18 new moon 14:42 26 ° ♏ 19 ′
November 22 The sun changes to Sagittarius 06:05
November 22 Neptune becomes direct 17:21 11 ° ♓ 28'D


Mars will change signs and stand strong for it this month scorpio sign... Although Scorpio is the rule of Mars, this time is not easy. This is a time of tension and fear.In addition, Mars has time to do before it leaves the sign negative aspect of Uranus, and this can lead to quite unpredictable, unusual occurrences.

Another slow planet will change signs in December - Saturnalso from a rather weak for him - Sagittarius - strong Capricorn... Here, in its own "home", Saturn will stay until December 2020that's almost 3 years! Many projects are successfully completed during these years. This is a time of difficult and productive work, new plans, new laws, and new governments.

Mercury will be there for most of the month retrograde movement (from December 3rd to 22nd) which means that it will be quite difficult to go shopping: there is a great risk that you will have to return goods that you have bought or that you will not be able to find what you even need.

Mercury is declining 10:34 29 ° ~ 18 ′ Rx
3rd of December Full moon 18:47 11 ° ♊ 40 ′
9th of December Mars changes into the sign of Scorpio 11:59 December 18th new moon 09:30 26 ° ♐ 31 ′
20th of December Saturn enters the sign of Capricorn 07:49 21st December The sun changes into the sign of Capricorn 19:28 23rd of December Mercury gets direct 04:51 13 ° ♐ 00'D
25 December Venus enters the shield Capricorn 08:26


One of the notable events in January will be a large asterisk (cluster) of planets in sign of capricorn... Up to 6 planets "visit" the strict Capricorn for 3 days ! January 14th (10:42 pm) to January 17th (11:30 am)in Capricorn will accumulate Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto.A child born at this time will collect all the important characteristics of Capricorn: purposeful, hardworking, has a strong will and a strong core.

Another one at the end of the month lunar eclipseThis will take place on the Leo-Aquarius axis, just like last February.

Read more about JANUARY in the article Star Clues: Astrological Forecast for January 2018

date event Time (moscow) Degree
January 2nd Full moon 05:24 11 ° ♋ 38 ′
January 2nd Uranus is going straight 17:11 24 ° ♈ 34'D
11th January Mercury passes into Capricorn 08:00
January 17th new moon 05:17 26 ° ♑ 54 ′
January 18th Venus enters the shield Aquarius 04:34
January 20th The sun changes into the sign of Aquarius 06:05
January 26th Mars goes into Sagittarius 15:37
31 January Mercury goes into the sign of Aquarius 16:32
31 January Full moon. Total lunar eclipse 16:26 11 ° ♌ 37 ′


The new lunar year begins February 16on a new moon coinciding with a solar eclipse. This can indicate this significant lunar year... Around the middle of the month, Venus will turn into a gentle and emotional sign of Pisces, so at this point the need for feelings and love will increase significantly.

Read more about FEBRUARY in the article Star Clues: Astrological Forecast for February 2018

Transit aspects of planets - Astrological analysis and recommendations.

I decided to bring up the topic of the long term aspects of this month. These are the aspects that will accompany us in 2017 and in many ways create a general background for the next year. So don't miss them: the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, the Saturn-Uranus trine, and the Jupiter-Saturn sextile.

Jupiter-Uranus opposition - December 2016 - March 2017, September 2017.