Can plaque be removed from the arteries

Exercise and atherosclerosis

Exercise is generally seen as an important part of a healthy and preventive lifestyle. In a review article that was published in April 2020 in the specialist magazine Circulation was published (15), it was found that older athletes had even more deposits in the arteries than non-athletes. Even in the group of athletes there were clear differences. Those who exercised more intensely also had more arteriosclerotic deposits than athletes who were only moderately active. So is it better to guard the sofa than lace up your running shoes? No!

Because the above finding is more of a surprise, as it is known that athletes are less likely to suffer from acute cardiovascular events than non-athletes (heart attack, stroke). The explanation for this is apparently that deposits in the arteries of the athletes have a higher calcium content and are therefore more stable, i.e. not detach themselves from the blood vessel walls so easily and thus can trigger a heart attack or stroke less often. Deposits in the arteries do not always have to be a sign of imminent danger to life.

Nevertheless, it is best to combine both: The above-mentioned foods and dietary supplements with regular physical activity! Even if you already suffer from arteriosclerosis and have not yet done any sport, you should start with it (of course in consultation with your doctor), since existing deposits can also be stabilized through sport.

Clear arteries naturally

The risk of cardiovascular diseases can therefore clearly be influenced by each individual person. If you want to incorporate the above tips into your everyday life, then you could summarize e.g. B. proceed as follows:

  1. Maintain a good supply of B vitamins, such as: B. by taking a vitamin B complex.
  2. Do the lemon-garlic cure regularly and use garlic in the kitchen.
  3. Take black garlic and curcumin as a dietary supplement.
  4. Drink pomegranate juice regularly, at least 50 ml daily.
  5. Use sesame and tahini in the kitchen.
  6. Season with turmeric and the spices mentioned above.
  7. Whenever available, enjoy fresh sauerkraut (preferably raw) or kimchi.
  8. If necessary and in consultation with your doctor, take nattokinase.
  9. Get active in sports! Ride a bike, go for a run, log into the gym or buy a suitable piece of equipment (e.g. spinning bike, treadmill, trampoline, cross trainer, etc.).

For more tips that will help clear your arteries, check out our article on How to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally.


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