How are the winners of the Formula 1 race determined

Formula 1 - Formula 1 season 2021 - Take part and win the competition!

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When broadcasting the Formula 1 races, SRF holds a spectator competition at every Grand Prix. Take part, there are great prizes to be won!

Participation options - only during broadcasts

The contest question will be announced during the broadcast.

Participation by Call on 0901 99 11 01 or 0901 99 11 02
Participation by SMS: With F1 01 or F1 02 (with name + address) to: 4636 (CHF 1.20 / call / SMS)
or via the free entry form for mobile phones, the link opens in a new window

Main prize at the end of the season - raffle at the last GP of the season:

  • One Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio With 510 hp and acceleration from 0 to 100 in 3.8 seconds worth over CHF 100,000!

Immediate price per Grand Prix:

  • A set Pirelli summer or winter tires of your choice (car, SUV, van)
    (up to a maximum value of CHF 1,000; no difference payment in cash if the selected tires are cheaper)

If possible, the winner will be shown on TV and published on this page after the broadcast.

Winner instant prizes:
May 9th: GP Spain: Martin Schiesser, Steinmaur
May 2nd: GP Portugal: Alberto Zenettini, Volketswil
April 18th: GP Emilia Romagna: Heidi Theiler, Wädenswil
28.03 .: GP Bahrain: Herbert Schwab, Kriens

Conditions of participation

The deadline for participation in the Grand Prix is ​​when the first race car has reached the finish line in the live broadcast or the recording - if the race should be broadcast in full as a recording due to the time difference. The winners will be determined at random in a regular drawing with the same chances of winning among all regular entries received by phone call, SMS and free internet form for mobile phones with the correct answer. If a winner cannot be contacted within a reasonable period of time, a new drawing is reserved. Employees of SRF, RTS and RSI as well as their relatives are excluded from participation. Eligible are people residing in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. The participation of minors requires the consent of the legal representative. Unauthorized entries or entries created through systematic manipulation or unfair means will be excluded from the raffle. Non-cash prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. The winners will be announced on the Internet and, if possible, on the transmitter, and will be notified personally. Prizes in kind cannot be exchanged for cash. In the case of prizes in kind (vouchers, cars, trips, etc.) that exceed a value of CHF 1,000, a confirmation of residence from the winner is required before the prize is handed over. As soon as the confirmation of residence is available, the profit in kind may be presented. The prizes remain in the possession of the prize sponsors until they are handed over to the winners. Participant data will only be used for the implementation of this competition and will not be passed on to third parties. Only the contact addresses of the winners will be communicated to the award sponsor for the purpose of awarding the award. The data protection regulations of SRF apply. We do not correspond about the tournament. SRF reserves the right to adjust the conditions of participation at any time. The judges' decision is final.

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