Why can't we stay young forever

Researchers stop the aging process - will we stay young forever?

US scientists claim to have developed a method that reverses the aging process. The treatment has already been successful in nine participants in a small study.

Last Friday, during the conference of the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (Leaf) in New York, the lecture entitled "Reversing Human Aging Right Now!" listened, must have rubbed his eyes in amazement.

Gregory "Greg" Fahy of the biopharmaceutical company Intervene Immune said the unbelievable: his team had succeeded in reversing the biological age of nine male study participants.

Within a treatment or observation period of only 12 months, the biological clock of men between 51 and 65 years of age was turned back by about two and a half years. An already graying man involved in the experiment confirmed to “Zeit Online” that dark hair had grown back again.

Fountain of youth for the thymus gland

Originally, the researchers were only interested in finding a therapy to treat age-related ailments. The thymus gland was at the center of scientific interest. This organ trains the body's immune cells and slowly atrophies from the age of 30. In order to stimulate the production of the gland again, the researchers relied on a mix of the hormones hGH and DHEA as well as the diabetes drug metformin.

Imaging (magnetic resonance tomography) already showed during the study that the thymus gland increased in volume. The blood values ​​of the test subjects also showed that a rejuvenating process had been set in motion. The researchers suspect that the treatment reactivated a biological program that allowed the thymus to grow at the beginning of life.

For the first time it was possible to turn back the clock of human life, explained Greg Fahy. Whether and to what extent the results of the scientist and his colleagues will lead to the development of effective anti-aging therapies cannot yet be foreseen. Can the results of the small, uncontrolled observational study be confirmed in the context of large-scale studies? Does treatment with the hormone-drug cocktail produce severe, perhaps even life-threatening side effects in the long term?

Until these questions are resolved and an effective antiaging drug hits the market, there is only one option left: to slow down the aging process through a healthy lifestyle.

Pictures from Switzerland

At Märjela, a woman looks at the ice masses of the Aletsch Glacier up close. The mightiest glacier in the Alps is a UNESCO World Heritage Site - but it may not be for too long. Scientists at ETH Zurich recently simulated that due to global warming at the end of the century, there are probably only a few small ice fields left of the glacier, which is currently over 80 square kilometers.

Image: Keystone

In the Kiental, around 150 alpaca animals were driven back down into the valley during the “Alpabzug”. Tourists on a bus felt like they were in the South American Andes.

Image: Keystone

A calf has little desire to actively participate at the traditional cattle show in Schwellbrunn.

Image: Keystone

Whether these cattle are doing particularly well at the Schwyz cattle show can only be seen from this perspective by professionals.

Image: Keystone

At the weekend, the traditional hay cart race created a great atmosphere in Charmey in Freiburg. The event in the Gruyère village has been held annually for the Chilbi Festival since 1972. For this purpose, old hay carts are decorated and pulled through the village as quickly as possible by various teams.

Image: Keystone

The BMX gang is back and aiming high at the European Championships in Cadenazzo TI.

Image: Keystone

Would you like to become a National Councilor? A girl does at least one seat rehearsal in the Federal Palace. On Saturday the Bundeshaus organized an open house.

Image: Keystone / Peter Schneider

The inauguration of the new climbing routes on the Sambuco dam near Fusio at the end of Val Lavizzara takes you high up. There are now a total of four routes available for sport climbing.

Image: Keystone

A 2014 Lamborghini Veneno Roadster was the biggest attraction at the auction of two dozen luxury cars that were confiscated by the Geneva authorities in 2016: They belonged to the dictator's son Teodorín Obiang from Equatorial Guinea, who had been accused of money laundering and mismanagement of public assets.

Image: Keystone

A young woman headed into the valley with a herd of cows during the 50th edition of Desalpe de Charmey in the canton of Friborg. Thousands of spectators attended the spectacle.

Image: Keystone

Election posters are in the Bundesgasse on Thursday, September 26, 2019 in Bern. The parliamentary elections will take place on October 20, 2019.

Image: Keystone

Climate strike in Zurich on Friday, September 27, 2019.

Image: Keystone

In Saint-Maurice VS, archaeologists have uncovered a cemetery from the High Middle Ages in the course of construction work, in which up to 250 people were buried.

Image: Keystone

On the cantonal road T 332 near Hemishofen, a showman's trailer has gotten out of control. A latrine car that was being carried collided with a signaling mast. The structure was torn apart in the collision and shattered on the roadway. Nobody got hurt.

Image: Handout of the Schaffhausen police

Around 100 environmental activists made a funeral march to the melted Pizol glacier in the canton of St. Gallen. With the action they wanted to draw attention to the threat of climate change.

Image: Keystone

In the art installation “Mirage Gstaad”, visitors have long been confronted with images that appear surreal. The reason: the US artist Doug Aitken created a reflecting building sculpture. Even in late summer, the work is a visually extraordinary experience.


The “wopart - Work on Paper Fair” has started in Lugano. An art exhibition that deals with working on paper.

Image: KEYSTONE / Ti-Press / Pablo Gianinazzi

Hunter Peter Marugg (left) and his son Men watch chamois in front of the backdrop of the «Chessler», recorded in the second week of the Bündner high hunt.

PICTURED: KEYSTONE / Gian Ehrenzeller

Searching for donors with humor: signs in front of mugs on Bahnhofplatz in Bern show what a Canadian beggar wants: “New Socks”, “Ferrari” and “Food”.

Image: Keystone / dpa

On the A7 motorway near Frauenfeld, a 26-year-old collided with her vehicle with a signaling trailer. The injured woman had to be taken to the Sputal by ambulance. The Thurgau canton police are looking for witnesses.

Image: Kapo TG