Is jewelry a waste of money

Chanel costume jewelery - why the name says it all

You asked me, most recently about the Dior Saddle Bag and now about my Chanel jewelry: Is it worth the money?

Anyone who loves the brand and who lives the timeless, elegant look will, like me, agree immediately. But anyone who takes a closer look at price and quality knows that although prices have risen massively in recent years, the product has not improved as a result. In some cases, it is almost worse.

You have to know that you pay for the name, the idea and also a little Karl for the costume jewelery from Chanel. With the term “costume jewelery” today we simply have to accept what it is - namely an entertaining accessory that is currently on trend and therefore does not even come close to what we expect from “real” jewelery.

So I noticed a few things during my little research in the circle of friends: Most of the pearl necklaces from the “fashion jewelry collection” are glass balls that have been coated with mother-of-pearl. It also happens more and more often that small stones from brooches and earrings loosen faster and clasps do not last a year. Not with all pieces of jewelry, but after asking around among some Chanel lovers, we came to the conclusion that everything was literally better in the past. Better quality, more reasonable prices. Unfortunately, I cannot say whether this also applies to real jewelry, but I would ascribe a very high quality to the house of Chanel.

Why do I still have a good and beautiful selection of Chanel fashion jewelry at home?

It is and remains one of my favorite brands in terms of elegance and timelessness. I love the last fashion jewelery collection under Karl and maybe because I found him so brilliant, something of him had to end up in my jewelery drawer again and again. I can't deny it. But in order to have at least a little bit of the charm and taste of the great fashion designer in my accessories collection, the costume jewelry from Chanel was and is exactly the right thing for me. This may be a waste of money for some people, but for me it's a little love affair that makes me smile every day.

Is the costume jewelry worth the money?

The heart says yes, the mind knows better. If you are looking for real jewelry and quality and price are to be balanced and you are hardly interested in the brand behind it, then next time you better go to a Chanel store. If you want to wear a touch of luxury and feel connected to a traditional house, you should step into the store and fall in love.