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At this point we come to our own collection of MNMA back that should interest you.

TheMILA SUPERSTARbaptized version of our own startup includes some good components at an affordable price.
When developing the model, we attached great importance to a minimalist look and a long service life.

As a color combination, we have chosen a matt housing with a dark face and blue and white details, which rounds off the harmonious overall picture.

The watch also has a high-quality Milanese (mesh) strap which is either inblack or silveris available.

With the chosen diameter of 42mm it fits the majority of common men's wrist sizes perfectly. Another highlight is the use of Sapphire crystal, which is rarely found in the price range for black men's watches up to 200 euros and gives the watch a valuable presence due to its higher weight compared to mineral glass.

The selected diameter is 42 mmwhich works great for most common male wrist sizes. Another highlight is the use of sapphire crystal. We do not use inferior hybrid solutions.

A Swiss quality movement from Ronda, which is normally only used in significantly more expensive watches, underpins our claim and helps the user to have a stress-free, constant time display without having to readjust it often.

Another highlight that is often underestimated is that pointer that shines for a certain period of time in the dark.


Exclusive deal:

Of course we have a special treat for you.

If you are looking for the perfect value-for-money style package, there is a 15% discount on our entire range (except for engravings) with the “MNMA2021” voucher. Simply enter the voucher code in the ordering process and the price will be adjusted automatically.

Models of MNMAis therefrom 139 (leather) or 149 euros in our Online shop without a voucher code. With a voucher code you are only slightly over 100 euros. At that price there is individual designstrong components and long Useful life.

What we like:

☑ sapphire crystal
☑ Swiss movement from Ronda
☑ 7.6 mm height
☑ minimalist design
☑ fluorescent hands

Where do we still see potential:

- Brand still relatively unknown