Why should you be a Head Boy?

Student representative

Any student can become a student representative.

As a student representative, you represent the interests of all students internally and externally and are the contact person for the school management, the teaching staff, students, parents, secretary, caretaker and SMVers in your own and other schools.

So you are pretty much the focus and responsibility.

Obtaining and distributing information is one of your main businesses. To do this, you meet regularly with the school management, your SMV colleagues and are a member of the school conference. You have to keep an eye on the business of the SMV and make sure that all classes really feel represented by you. As the chairman of the student council, you call and chair the student council meetings. In the event of trouble between students and teachers or within the SMV, you act as a mediator and smooth things over. But when it comes to rights, interests or new ideas of the SMV, you should be able to be tough on the school management.


You are not accountable to everyone and for everything! You too can make mistakes and you have to have the right to learn. Do not let yourself be absorbed! Be persistent but kind when you are confident in your position.

In addition: the more you involve others from the SMV, the less you get stuck and the more fun the work is. You should get further support from the liaison teachers and parent representatives are also often good allies.


You can find out how the student representative is elected here.

Skill check student representative

  • proves a confident demeanor
  • is sociable
  • can speak and argue well
  • does not take the boss out, but is a team player
  • proves negotiating skills
  • has stamina
  • works independently and responsibly
  • leads the individual meetings
  • has an interest in school affairs
  • can inspire and motivate others
  • is interested in further training around the SMV