Robert Mueller works with the Democrats

Democrats are hoping for a hesitant Mueller jackpot against Trump

Robert Mueller has at least one thing in common with the man who had been the focus of his research for over a year: Both Mueller himself and US President Donald Trump were against an appearance by the Russia special investigator before Congress. "The report is my testimony," Mueller said in a May statement. This was evidently intended to prevent MPs from submitting a subpoena.

It was of no use: Today, Wednesday, Mueller appears before the congress. From 2.30 p.m. CEST he was supposed to be available for three hours to answer questions from the judiciary committee on questions of obstruction of justice, from 6 p.m. CEST he appeared before the secret service committee on matters relating to Russia's influence ( will report live).

The appearance aroused great media interest in advance - interest that Mueller will probably disappoint. Because that he will say more than is already known from the report is considered unlikely. That is exactly what the Republicans hope for. If Mueller does not bring new allegations, they want to sell this as a kind of victory: "Go on, there is nothing (new) to see here."

But even if a clear statement were some kind of jackpot for the party, it is not the Democrats' greatest hope. Most likely, you will try to push Mueller into an assessment of a very different kind: that of the work of Attorney General William Barr.

Against the Minister of Justice

As a reminder: Barr published a "short summary" of the report in mid-March, which later turned out to be seriously incomplete: It neither shows the full extent of Russian influence in 2016, nor does it take into account the fact that Mueller was obviously part of the US Congress wanted to leave a judgment on the possible cases of Trump's obstruction of justice. Instead, Barr and his deputy Rod Rosenstein noted that they had investigated the allegations against Trump and had come to the conclusion that the president was not legally relevant. Mueller is said to have been angry about this, according to media reports - anger that the Democrats are now trying to reawaken for their benefit.

But even if this does not succeed: The Trump opponents hope for a boost just from the fact that the case remains in the media. After all, current surveys show that many Americans are still not aware of the allegations that are already made against Trump in the report.

The question of the republican defense strategy remains. So far, Trump supporters had tried to misrepresent Republican Mueller as a disappointed Democrat - at least he could now contradict that. (Manuel Escher, July 24, 2019)