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Betty White (Golden Girls) turns 99: This is how she celebrates despite the quarantine

"Golden Girl" Betty White has to do without a big party for her 99th birthday. What she has planned for her special day instead and the secret of her health, she revealed in an interview.

What a stately age: Betty White celebrates her 99th birthday on January 17th. A big celebration has to be canceled due to the corona pandemic. The elderly actress and presenter told the US portal "Entertainment Tonight" how she is spending her birthday: "I'm working on releasing 'The Pet Set' and will feed the two ducks that come to visit me every day." However, she has to do without sport - White says she runs a mile every morning - because of the corona quarantine, as she complained.

White also spoke to "People" about her advanced age. The 99th birthday is nothing special for her, as the Hollywood legend emphasized: "I am blessed with good health. To be 99 is basically no different than to be 98." She also speculated about the secret of her long and happy existence: "Having a sense of humor. I only look on the positive side and don't live on the other side. It takes too much energy to be negative." On her special day, close friends want to pay a visit and give some animals a treat with food, as the "Golden Girls" actress said.

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Her role as Rose Nylund in the US series "Golden Girls" brought White international fame in the 80s and 90s. It had already become popular in the USA through the TV show "The Pet Set" during the 1970s. The format - produced by her husband Allen Ludden at the time - featured celebrities like Doris Day, Burt Reynolds and James Stewart with their animal friends.

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