Which fashion trend is unflattering?

Pretty uglyWe love these “ugly” fashion trends now

Interesting instead of flattering, chunky instead of figure-hugging: we have tracked down the ugly chic fashion trend and reveal what the current trend is all about and how you style it.

Hawaiian shirts at Gucci, futuristic sports glasses at Stella McCartney, chunky dad sneakers and even Crocs platform sandals at Balenciaga. The fashion world is currently irritating with unusual and trashy looks. Ugly chic is the name of the trend that advertises the supposedly ugly as hip. And it seems to be stopping.

Uncool is cool now. But why actually?

It is well known that fashion lives from change. A trend is followed by a counter-trend and it is not uncommon for people to fall back on the past. After a time shaped by ideals of beauty and ultra-feminine women, it is therefore not surprising that the current trends are now turning in the opposite direction. In other words: chunky, bright neon and unisex. If you want to stand out, you don't have to be beautiful today, but rather unusual.

By the way, Miuccia Prada is considered to be the founder of Ugly Chic. With her creations, she always went against the common ideal of beauty and encouraged us to question the current image of women. Demna Gvasalia, the new chief designer at Balenciaga and founder of the hype label Vetements - whose yellow DHL shirt went down in fashion history two years ago, certainly contributed a large part to the success.

We now love these supposedly ugly trends:

Hawaiian shirt

Aloha! If you think of die-hard vintage fans with mustaches in the 80s look when you think of Hawaiian shirts, you are far from it. Because the Hawaiian shirt is officially back. We wear the shrill and colorful shirt with a tropical palm or flower pattern with a midiskirt or high-waisted jeans.

Image: Instagram / emilisindlev

Cover picture: Instagram / emilisindlev, Instagram / zanitazanita, Instagram / songofstyle, collage from Femelle

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