Creates dubstep trouble


Aggressive / angry Break out, crank it up, get loud - if your videos or podcasts also get angry and aggressive, you will find the right background music in this section. The full force of bass, drums and electric guitars pushes the loudspeaker to its limits and makes the pulse race. With all degrees of tension from tense to angry, desperate to freaked out, energetic to out of control. Let's get loud!
Balanced When it is time for relaxation and sun salutation again, when the yoga mat beckons or a cozy get-together in the lounge, this calm instrumental music is perfect for introducing the scene or providing musical accompaniment. The music is the message: gentle, minimalist, without anything that stresses, annoys or distracts from the essentials, it ensures a balanced atmosphere.


Bizarre / weird Your videos, time-lapse movies and radio plays deal with the strange, the monstrous or the inexplicable? Welcome to the realm of bizarre music! Whether primeval lizards or futuristic robot worlds, our royalty-free music invites you to go on extended fantasy journeys and can be described with many attributes, just not with “normal”, “ordinary” or even “pleasing”. Drive it to the extreme, get more out of your scenes and underline your extraordinary recordings with bizarre and strange music.


Clever / cunning For guys who know how it works: in business and in love. For everyone who tricks a little with a twinkle in the eye, but doesn't really act immorally. For your videos and films in which charismatic characters play the main role. Or in which you explain to us what holds the world together at its core: clever, cunning, but still lovable, the royalty-free music from this section accompanies your recordings.
Cool / casual Park your Porsche in front of the one-euro shop, air your new sunglasses and start a short, intense flirt or grin in amusement when others are annoyed - cool and casual don't always have to be cool and arrogant. Our background music gives you the opportunity to convey cool image films, casual product presentations or fascinating advertising messages - in a surprising and convincing way and of course with a certain echo in your heart and ears.


Gloomy The catastrophe breaks in, the uncanny, evil, on the other hand, slowly creeps in. We notice it, but cannot locate it until it is fully present. Was there a scream? You can find gloomy music that comes with goosebumps as instrumental music for your video in this section. The rise and fall of threatening sounds is just as suitable for documentaries as it is for crime novels and horror.


Elegant Royalty-free music from this category conveys modernity and success in association with a large pinch of emotionality. The music titles mostly revolve around a motif that is well suited for acoustic branding. Gentle increases in the repetition of the motif create a basic euphoric mood. This creates an elegant and pleasantly sublime soundscape for the topic that you want to portray, portray, present.
Epic / orchestral Tragic fates, unusual heroic deeds, epic narrative styles that grasp and grasp; In this section we present license-free music that fits the big blockbuster as well as the smaller event movie. When the signs are pointing to a storm, victory is near or a fateful turn occurs in your story, the orchestral music underlines the tension-laden dramaturgy of your film and video production.
Erotic / sensual Flattering, enticing, seductively close, only to then withdraw again - erotic music beguiles by suggesting many things, but always keeping a secret. This section offers magical background music for your music videos and podcasts. Whether you want an intimate get-together or relaxing in the lounge, whether you want to portray the beauty of a landscape or of people, this music is sensual from the first sound to the last, reverberant fading away.


Lazy / bored An ode to laziness? Why not? Because what some call laziness, for others it is exactly the idleness that they need to develop new creativity. The instrumental music relaxes and inspires, and is particularly suitable for slow and intense narrative styles. A detailed music that seems to float effortlessly and gives every scene from your video or podcast a unique character.
Happy / cheerful Funny outtakes, situation comedy and a happy team that has all the settings in the box, these are just a few associations that arise spontaneously when the royalty-free music from this category is played. Lively fashion, young, innovative companies or graphically prepared explanatory films can be accompanied by music, as can image films from the wellness or fitness area. Many of the titles also set a cheerful ending with which the outcome of your story can be musically pointed.
Futuristic The license-free music in this category is characterized by short auditory signals and broad, flat spherical sounds. The titles mostly convey a positive mood, invite you to approach electronics and digitization, computer and robot worlds without fear. But the dark, thoughtful pieces are not missing either. For nerds and trendsetters, news and statements, but also for companies that want to raise awareness with modern auditory branding, this is exactly the right thing.


Mysterious What is behind this door? In the blue fog? In the expressionless look of the stranger or the stranger? The mysterious mood that this background music underlines results from the clever alternation of harmonies and dissonances, of spherical expanse and concrete allusion to an irritating moment. In this way you skillfully bring magic and magic, tension and mystery into all your video and radio play productions.
Creepy Everything started so harmlessly - and slowly turns into a nightmare in which dark forces and demons know how to play the keyboard of fears perfectly. You can find instrumental music that lets you feel fear and panic in this section. From creepy to vicious, from engaging to disturbing. For shiveringly beautiful or terribly creepy videos in which the worst premonitions come true.


Hopeful / longing Take a deep breath and trust. Royalty-free music, which we provide in this section, tells stories of people who know that everything will never be good, but that everything will get better at some point. Melodies that get under your skin, guitar riffs that inspire you, spherical sounds that suggest that a decisive turn will soon take place: Here you will find a wealth of material to musically represent hopes and longings in your projects to underline.


Cool / wintry If the Arctic ice breaks or the sounds of planets become audible, this creates the same eerie atmosphere as our license-free music titles from the cool / wintry category. Minimalism that makes you sit up and take notice, fascinating sounds that capture deathly numbness, but also the shine and hope of wintry sunlight are important musical themes that we take up here and make available for your videos.


Melancholy / lonely As difficult as it is sometimes to endure - creative minds in particular know melancholy too well and don't want to miss it. It is echoed in calm melodies and touching minor harmonies. Melancholic background music, as you can select it in this section, can always be used particularly well when you want to depict sadness or loneliness, but also the overcoming of pain.
Monotonous Powerful beats and driving basslines are the characteristic features of this instrumental music, which consciously relies on monotony. The constant, memorable repetition enables the experience and representation of trance and ecstasy. If the sounds merge into the spherical, a flight into space can be associated just as much as the medicine of tomorrow or artificial intelligence. Instrumental music that helps you portray your fictions and facts in a scenic and atmospheric way.
Motivated / optimistic Musical support for everyone whose glass is still half full even on a bad day can be found in this selection of royalty-free pieces of music. Whether you want to encourage and spur on with your productions, whether you are planning an image, corporate or explanatory film or are simply looking for music for sunny spirits, upbeat rhythms, inspiring ballads and sophisticated pop invite you to tackle, break up and celebrate.


Romantic / in love It is beautiful to be loved, and so is to love. The royalty-free music in this section is dedicated to all phases of loving and being loved. The titles take up longing moments as well as moments of fulfillment. The pain of parting, unfulfilled love or sublime renunciation can be very well accompanied musically with the soulful ballads and film music. This allows you to express the full range of emotions in your videos and podcasts - even without many words.


Summery Summer background music is reminiscent of the sun and vacation, creates positive moods and joie de vivre. Music that goes to the heart, for days when you don't have to take anything to heart. And for productions that convey precisely this ease - e.g. B. in holiday videos, party videos, but also as a driving force during workouts or in the gym.
Exciting / dangerous A crackling mood or the awareness that the next moment will bring the big decision - this instrumental music will bring excitement to your video productions. The gradual progression of the sound sequences lets your audience feel how someone is moving cautiously, always in danger of falling or being discovered. Dramatic upbeats and catchy rhythms herald the evil. From disaster alerts to zombie invasions - choose what works best for your personal project!
Spherical Spherical sounds broaden thinking and feeling and invite you to relax. You can achieve a very nice effect if you use it as background music for time-lapse videos - provided, of course, you are not showing the hectic city, but rather a landscape or a flowing sky spectacle. Even strong emotions, spiritual experiences or dream contents and memories can be staged harmoniously and expressively with this royalty-free music.
Proud Pride in the sense of satisfaction is the decisive motive of the royalty-free music in this section. This satisfaction does not come along wooden lines, but is reflected in slightly melancholy to cheerful melodies, with which retrospect or preview in your productions can be appropriately accompanied. For business films, for example, in which special values ​​and visions are to be highlighted. Or for strong protagonists whose characters you want to illustrate musically.


Spirited With these hot-blooded rhythms you can hardly speak of background music. Rather of gripping, inspiring and rousing music that expresses passion and enthusiasm in your projects. The highly emotional Tango Argentino, for example, proves to be dramatic in a sophisticated way. More light-footed, but therefore no less spirited, there are jazz and pop arrangements that can also be perfectly integrated into videos and podcasts.
Traditional Our traditional instrumental music proves that traditions are not exhausted in the buttoned up or stale. The individual pieces are assigned to festivals, regions or age groups. This makes it easy for you to look for music that goes with a Bavarian folk festival, a western production or a product from Ireland, for example. Children's birthday or carnival, folk or folk, here you will find enough choice for your videos.
Driving / progressive Here we go - and that won't change anytime soon, because with the royalty-free music from this section, neither you nor your protagonists will run out of breath. On the contrary, pumping beats and rapid tempos keep pushing forward.This refreshing music is ideal for marathons or motorized tours, but also for the sweaty fitness course.


Dreamy Lying in the grass and looking at the clouds, indulging in memories or waiting for great love - if you are looking for royalty-free music for your videos with which you can express a dreamy, intimate mood, this section is the right place for you. Sometimes smoky jazzy, sometimes circling meditatively, the melodious music tracks bring a very special magic to your scenes or add cuddly to graceful soundscapes to the presentation.
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