What is a fashion designer

fashion designer

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Clothes make the man

Fashion is a cultural phenomenon and has very different purposes. For example, we express protest or consent about clothing. The latest "looks", "styles" or trends are created by fashion designers. With their models and collections, they influence the direction for the next season. There is something for every taste and budget.

What am I doing?

Fashion designers design and create clothing for women, men and children. You are always on the lookout for new trends and fashion trends. They get them in the trendy cafes of the fashion capitals, visit fashion shows, go to trade fairs and exhibitions in order to get as many impressions as possible.

This trend information serves as the basis for your first sketches and drafts - on paper or on the computer. In addition to current fashion trends, fashion designers also consider materials and techniques that are as good as new. From the draft of the design phase, the sample collection is gradually created in cooperation with colleagues from purchasing and sample sewing. After the fashion designers have made the final changes and improvements, the pattern cut serves as the basis for the production-ready cut for series production.

Fashion designers also check the individual production groups or production in external companies, which are often located abroad. They pay attention to whether the specified cuts have been adhered to exactly, whether the seams are right or whether the quality of the fabric is right. Problems can arise where the designers have to negotiate a solution with the contractual partners.

Where do I work?

Fashion designers work primarily in fashion studios. They can also work in the costume departments of film and television companies or at theaters, in design departments or in fashion magazines. Basically, you travel a lot.

What requirements do I need?

Creativity, care, enjoyment of working with computer applications, aesthetic sense, a feeling for trends, colors, patterns, customer orientation, technical understanding, teamwork, good imagination

How can I learn this profession?

2- to 3-year school education

What do I earn in the apprenticeship?

Visiting school facilities will not be reimbursed.