Where can I see Frozen 2

"Frozen 2" at Disney +: That's why you won't find "Frozen 2" in the German offer


Anyone who wants to see "Frozen 2" on Disney + will be disappointed because the Disney film will not be published on the streaming service in Germany for the time being. Netzwelt reveals how you can stream Anna, Elsa and Olaf now.

Many Disney fans were happy when it was announced that the film "Frozen 2" would be released on Disney + much earlier than initially planned. What was often lost with this message: Only in the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand was "Frozen 2" published earlier, in other words in countries that Disney + has been able to use for a long time. When asked, Disney confirmed that "Frozen 2" will not be available in Germany at the start of Disney +.

One of the reasons might be that the film was only available for purchase a few weeks ago. You can buy "Frozen 2" digitally from Amazon Prime and stream it straight away. The DVD and Blu-Ray were released on March 26th and can also be purchased from Amazon to fill the gap in the Disney Plus program.

Sky customers who have a Sky Cinema or entertainment subscription and are therefore given vouchers for the Sky Store can use it to stream "Frozen 2", but everyone else can also find the film in the Sky Store. Those who prefer to wait can watch "Frozen 2" from July 10, 2020 on Disney +. Disney + has already brought forward the date that was actually planned for July 24th.

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