Young people should drink alcoholic beverages

People who are not yet 18 years of age are only allowed to consume and purchase non-alcoholic beverages (group 1).
However, minors aged 16 and over are permitted to consume alcohol in the presence of their parents or grandparents.

► CODE DE LA SANTÉ PUBLIQUE: ART. L. 3342-1, L. 3342-3 (source:

Classification of the beverage dispenser:

· 1 group: soft drinks

2 group: wine (including apple, pear and honey wine), beer, crème de cassis and juices made from fermented fruit or vegetables that contain 1.2 to 3% alcohol (natural dessert wines from controlled growing areas)

3 group: other natural dessert wines, liqueur wines, wine-based aperitif drinks, strawberry liqueur, currant or cherry liqueur below 18% pure alcohol

4 group: rum, tafia (made from cane sugar), alcoholic drinks that are obtained from the distillation of wines, cider wines, pear wines or fruits and to which no essences are added (cognac, armagnac, calvados)

5 group: all other authorized alcoholic beverages (e.g. Ricard, Berger, Pernod, whiskey, gin)

· Unauthorized alcoholic drinks: aperitifs based on wine with a pure alcohol content above 18%, aniseed spirits with an alcohol content above 45%, bitter and bitter liqueurs, gentian with a sugar content below 200g / liter and with an alcohol content above 30%.