What is social interaction exchange

Service Canvas Explained - Social Interaction

In the video (see below) you can experience a specific application for social interaction using the example of the InselPro funding project.


In the following we will take a look at what “social interactions” as an interface between the design area “relationships” and the development line “collaboration” actually make and how they can enrich services.

The collaboration between companies and customers or, in general, the actors in a service, should be based on collaboration. The collaboration can take place on very different levels. While in the past the service experience was exclusively characterized by personal interactions, today technologies such as digital platforms can help to enable social interactions digitally. This enables the actors to interact independently of time and place. Especially with services such as neighborhood help, it is important to promote social exchange, e.g. through chat tools or forums. The possibility of exchanging information with one another enables service offers to be revealed and a willingness to help with required services, such as watering flowers or shopping, signaled. But social interactions outside of the digital environment should also be promoted in order to strengthen the sense of community and gain the trust of the actors. Regular community meetings are suitable, for example, to get to know each other better and to find out more about the needs of the other actors.

How can you specifically promote social interactions in your service?

  • Establish exchange channels such as chats or forums
  • Create a community that also meets offline to build trust between the actors.

Now we would like to know from you:

Have you already gained experience with social interactions in your service?

If so, which digital services do you use to promote exchange between the actors?

If you want to get a deeper insight into the topic, we recommend further sources that we have put together for you HERE. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us! In the next month we will present the design area Relationships in combination with the development line Digital Services, the interface of which is the last field of our Service Canvas “Value in Interaction”.


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