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go to at least three different jewelry buyers and ask what they would be willing to pay.
Well, the service company that also sharpens the chain - they can certainly tell you what it's still worth.
Good tip, small addition: If the second bids less than or the same as the first: Tell him that you already have someone else who pays this sum.
If the dealer then bids more, you know that the chain is worth quite a bit more.

Alternatively: You inquire about a trustworthy jeweler and let them estimate the value of the necklace - it may cost you something, but the jeweler will also tell you the value of the necklace - and not for how much he would like to steal it from you.
Remember, the dealers who want to buy the chain won't tell you its value. They just tell you what they'd like to pay for it.
Find the material and place it on a scale. Find out about the material value and calculate the pure material value (note the content: 333 for gold means only one third of the weight is pure gold). Then at least you already have the lower price limit. Everything else is then a matter of taste or a hobby.
You can visit 2-3 different jewelers and leave the jewelery treasure. If they all give the same opinion on something, then you can be relatively sure. Another possibility would be the valuation in a pawn shop, I have had very good experiences there.
Marco Müller
Just have a look at the jeweler, they usually do this for free. If the necklace is made of gold, you can also go to the gold dealers who are often found in shopping malls. But be sure to compare different offers with each other!
Fred Schneider
Go to a jeweler. He can rub it with a touchstone and thus determine the gold content of the chain. Then the chain is weighed and the total value is calculated. You can always consider whether or not to accept the offer. But the particular gold grade is mostly correct.