Are NPD people generally unforgiving

Berlin The co-head of Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), Frauke Petry, has spoken out clearly in the debate about the right-wing activities of individual AfD top politicians in several Eastern regional associations. Specifically, it is about the AfD regional leaders Björn Höcke (Thuringia) and André Poggenburg (Saxony-Anhalt). Like Höcke, Poggenburg had expressed understanding for individual NPD members and downplayed their tendency towards extremism.

Petry, who is assigned to the right wing of the party, told the Handelsblatt: "Tolerance towards or even cooperation with any kind of members of extreme parties has no place in the AfD." It is not for nothing that the party has one of the strictest admission procedures in Germany. "Playing down this problem on the part of certain individuals is completely inadmissible," added the Saxon state and parliamentary group leader.

Who is holding the strings in the AfD?

Petry also indirectly takes the side of AfD boss Bernd Lucke, whom she has rarely been sympathetic to in recent weeks. In the party's public dispute about the direction of the party, she is on the side of the national conservative wing, which repeatedly voices the front against the bourgeois-liberal wing around party founder Lucke. The national conservatives around Petry and Alexander Gauland from Brandenburg have many supporters, especially in East Germany. The struggle to find the right political course went so far that there were already rumors of division.

The dispute escalated again on Sunday after co-chairman Konrad Adam said that Lucke was planning to leave the AfD and found a new party. At first, Lucke did not want to comment publicly. Then on Monday he retaliated and informed the members in a fire e-mail: "The only truth about this rumor is that I am very worried about the AfD."

What followed is like an open declaration of war to the right wing of the party. Lucke advised the right wing national wing to leave the party. He sees the split as the only way to save the party, because the different currents in the AfD are "incompatible".

The AfD - new people's party or short protest episode?