Can I steam clean a futon mattress?

Steam cleaner for the mattress

Requirements when cleaning a mattress

If a steam cleaner is to be used for a mattress, there are usually several different requirements that the device should meet:

  • removing skin and dandruff
  • Cleaning of other dirt particles
  • removing mites

With all three requirements, the steam cleaner not only has to clean the mattress on the surface, but also deeply penetrate the mattress.

The working and cleaning principle of a steam cleaner

With steam cleaning, the steam is pressed out of the steam nozzles quickly and at high pressure. This high speed, the heat when it hits the dirt particles and the abrupt cooling are responsible for the fact that dirt can be removed so easily.

In the case of cleaning a mattress with the steam cleaner, however, the steam must also penetrate deep into the mattress. This is especially true if the steam cleaner is also to be used against mites.

The steam cleaner must be used for wiping after steaming

As far as dirt is concerned, there is now a physical problem: the steam cleaner only steams the surface. The actual cleaning would now be done by the mop cover from the steam cleaner.

When “wiping” over a mattress, it is more likely to work the well-loosened dirt even deeper into the mattress. In the case of mites, the steam cleaner even fails completely, as various tests by established test institutions have shown.

Conclusion: the steam cleaner is only suitable for cleaning mattresses to a limited extent

The steam cleaner may be a great cleaning tool in other areas. With mattresses, however, the steam cleaner quickly finds its limits. Unfortunately, the belief that the steam cleaner is also very suitable for cleaning mattresses and dust mites is particularly fueled by the advertising industry.

But there is definitely an alternative to the steam cleaner for the mattress. The steam vacuum cleaner has a clear advantage here over the steam cleaner. However, only with dirt particles and just as little with house mites in the mattress.