What kind of things are hearing-impaired psychopaths

Psychopaths are among us

Donald Trump and his supporters are like mirror images of each other. The president cannot accept his election - he pours his defiant hatred into the country, bluntly calls on leading politicians to fraudulent elections and incites his supporters - who then promptly storm the Capitol. Something like the uprising of his fanatical voters, which he has instigated very openly these days, can no longer only be described as “criminal”: that is an open call for war against the political opponent!

Hardly anyone in world history has delivered himself to his own knife so directly.

Today in psychology we prefer to speak of Sociopaths than by psychopaths because their destructive behavior has a social impact. But the older term fits: It is a personality disorder - if you categorize the majority of the population as "normal" (or "normally disturbed").
All who are not among his ardent uncritical admirers agree that a true psychopath is currently still sitting in the White House in Washington. It was not just me who experienced his deselection as a decidedly happy moment. But the way he still clings to his armchair, categorically denies his deselection and egomaniacally and narcissistically manipulates and blocks his entire nation - and that in Corona times - that is very clearly the action and rage of a psychopath. In December, when he was actually no longer in office, he blocked two extremely important bills through his veto and even turned his own party supporters in Congress and Senate against him to such an extent that they ignored his veto:
° One was the so important Corona aid for millions of Americans impoverished in the pandemic -
° the other, the military budget, which had hardly ever been blocked by a president before.
You can really watch a powerful man who digs his own grave in his egomania, but pulls as many other people as possible with him into the depths.

From my own experience

I was able to study someone like that up close once during a seminar, as well as a professional colleague. (Yes, that is possible - psychologists can also act psychopathically). He brutally destroyed this seminar for me so that gradually all participants left early. Significantly, I still find him somehow sympathetic today, namely, he had a very engaging, charming nature. That was his side. But he also had this ruthlessly manipulative, very arrogant other side.
His destructive side was already evident in the fact that, barely arriving, he stepped onto the balcony of the seminar house, looked down into the valley and then hacked into someone else's computer via his laptop in order to make a phone call at the owner's expense: “Why is it like that stupid not to protect yourself with a password! ", was his remark when I asked, confused.
He was a day late and left two days early. In between he and one of the participants disappeared for a day to visit a nearby thermal bath. And in one of his stories (he could write brilliantly) he characterized one of the participants in the room by her real first name in an almost pornographic story as a sex slave. When I interrupted him during this reading, irritated and pointed out that it wouldn't work that way - he was really surprised: "But why not?"
On another occasion he told me "among colleagues" about his work in an assessment center, where he let test subjects fall into traps with downright sadistic pleasure.
(Strange coincidence: When I was just writing that - a woman who was in this seminar at the time registered for a current seminar these days in early 2021 - after we had not had any contact with each other for years. Really very strange.)

A quote from 1929 on this subject

“The psychopaths are always with us. In cool times we examine them - in hot times they rule us. "

The German psychiatrist Ernst Kretschmer noted this while he observed the inexorable rise of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi hordes. However, his keen and critical powers of observation did not prevent him from running with Hitler and joining the SS (like so many doctors). After the war, in 1955, he asserted as an appraiser in a reparation case for a Nazi victim suffering from depression that there were no persecution-related neuroses. Also has a kind of psychopathic touch, this psychiatric career.

Kretschmer, Ernst, quoted after. Arno Gruen: "Dismantle the destructive realism of the mighty", in:
Scheidt, Jürgen vom: Concepts for the future. Bonn 1990, p. 101

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