What is a shy animal

Greta - the shy one

gender: neutered cat

Age: about 2.5 years

race: European Shorthair

colour: white mackerel

prehistory: Greta was found as a young cat mother in an industrial area. She came to the shelter with her kittens, at first everyone was very shy. That subsided over time and all kittens were placed. But Greta is still waiting for a home.

health: in top shape

Compatibility: She comes to terms with other cats.

character: There are a lot of inquiries for Greta at the shelter, mainly because of the beautiful photos on the website. But when people get to know them, interest quickly evaporates. Because Greta is a real character cat who often shows disinterest in people. If you get too close to her, she prefers to run away.

In everyday life: You will often not even notice Greta at home. She will plan her day herself and do what cats do: wander around and sleep in afterwards. The animal shelter employees are sure that something will be thawed out and that the bond with people will then become closer.

Dream home: The young cat is looking for a home with free access, other cats would not be a problem. The important thing is that her new people don't expect too much from her. It would be nice if she could find a home where she could be who she is.