Do people dream of falling in love

What does it mean when you dream about someone

Have you dreamed of a certain person and wonder what that means?

If you dream about a person, it can have various causes.

After all, in your dreams you process what happened to you in the recent past.

In this article you will find out exactly what your dreams are all about and why you have them!

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These can be positive or negative events. In addition, there are thoughts that challenge you more and don't let go of you so quickly.

Poignant films can also influence your dreams.

First of all ... put your relationship with the person in order

So, in order to understand why you dream about a person, you need to ask yourself how you relate to this person.

Do you only know the person briefly? Is it maybe your ex-partner? Or do you dream of your girlfriend? Your friend? Your boss? Or even from your tormentor?

Find out how you relate to this person. Is it more of a friendly nature or is the relationship based on passion, attraction or even frustration, despair or disgust?

All relationship types play an important role in the interpretation of your dream.

Sort your thoughts in your head

Dreams about a person are mostly based on the fact that you have dealt with the person more intensively in some way.

This can be due to the day's experience, but also to the fact that something is depressing you and you think about this person more often.

Your body then processes your thoughts and experiences in your sleep.

Dreams of separation

Often times, people dream of people with whom they feel connected.

Disputes, separations, divorces, but also happy moments quickly lead to dreams. Many dreaming report that they have dreamed of their ex-partner.

They are often in the separation phase. Breakups and divorces are painful and have to be dealt with by the body and soul.

During the day, thoughts often revolve around the topic of separation.

Which operations still have to be done.

What will happen to the children? The House? The furniture? The dog or the cat? Can I even feed myself on my own? Is there enough money? Where do I have to apply for maintenance?

Many questions and problems arise all at once that need to be resolved.

As much as you try, but switching off and calming down does not succeed for many people in this troubled phase.

The body then tries to organize and process all thoughts in dreams. Dreams about the people during the day are more common.

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Dreams of death and illness

Not only separations and divorces lead to dreams of persons, but death and illness as well. Especially when a loved one has died or is seriously ill, it takes a lot of psychological pain. Here too, thoughts revolve around the deceased or sick person several times during the day. This can lead to dreams during the night.

Dreams of falling in love, baby happiness and wedding

Not only negative events lead to dreams about people, but also positive ones. Namely when the world of emotions rides a rollercoaster with exultation.

This can be a marriage proposal, a diagnosed pregnancy, or a new love.

Being in love leads to the release of happiness hormones and confuses many a world of thoughts. The happy thoughts can then quickly be processed into dreams.

So it can be that you dream about your partner, your gynecologist, your baby, your new love or your girlfriend.

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It does not always have to be the same as the person experienced. It is often the case that there is a mix of person, emotional world and experiences.

So you don't necessarily have to marry your loved one in your dream, but your gynecologist, who will also give you baby happiness.

As you can see, your body is processing infatuation or pregnancy or even both. But it may be that you really want a child, but it doesn't work out and you have made an appointment with the gynecologist.

Be that as it may, the fact is that your emotions and thoughts are put together by your body into a rousing story, which is then played back in your head during your dream phase.

Whether the dream is positive or negative doesn't matter to your body.

Nightmares about a person

Unfortunately, we can seldom remember beautiful dreams after waking up. It is completely different with nightmares.

For the most part, you can still have this in your head for the first few minutes after waking up.

Not only your experiences and your emotional world can be the trigger for dreams, but also medication and your genes. People's nightmares are particularly common.


Nightmares primarily arise in the second half of your sleep, during the REM sleep phases.

As a basis, they always have an ordinary dream, from which they then gradually develop.

Various studies have shown that women suffer from nightmares more often than men. However, the reason is still unclear to science today.

Recurring anxiety dreams

Nightmares can occur once or turn out to be recurring pests.

It can always be the same dream or in a slightly different form. Recurring nightmares are mostly based on an interplay of experiences, thoughts and personal genes.

It has been known to science for over ten years that the predisposition to nightmares can be inherited.

This can be observed particularly well in identical twins. If one twin suffers from anxiety dreams, the other twin is more often affected by nightmares.

This phenomenon is less noticeable in dizygotic twins, which suggests that genes play an important role in the development of anxiety dreams.

So if you are a Gemini, you may be genetically predisposed to nightmares. This, in turn, can also be the reason why you keep dreaming about a person.

Few people know: Medicines often make you dream

Another reason can be medication.

For example, if you take medication for hypertension, which is high blood pressure, these can also trigger bad dreams.

The same is the case with drugs for Parkinson's, strong antibiotics, and depression.

It is best to take a look at the patient information leaflet for the medication to see whether it lists nightmares for side effects.

Traumatic events

Traumatic events also often lead to nightmares, especially anxiety dreams in the interaction of certain people.

Have you had a traumatic event in the past or recently that keeps pulling you out of your sleep or keeps you dreaming about a person?


As you can see, dreams about people can have different triggers.

It can be stress, traumatic events, medication, genes, being in love or even happy thoughts behind it.

Look and weigh for yourself what might apply to you. In particular, if nightmares return and last longer, you should speak to your doctor.

Perhaps a change of medication might help or, in the case of traumatic events and depressive moods, going to a psychologist.

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